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Not that there weren't hiccups along the way. Search results can the sorted on the basis of relevance, view count, title, rating and publish date.

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It also supports new formats which recently Youtube rolled out. In those, Yi imagined how his wife would respond to his grief, to his anger, to his loss, to his new reality.

Mike Unger In this love story, he's Beloved, she's Dearest. He was lonely, to be sure, but that was easy to ignore compared to the immense sadness and anxiety he began feeling as an anniversary he had never even considered he'd have to mark approached. From the darkest hours of the night until just before dawn he talked and talked and talked to her, before exhaustion overwhelmed him and he dozed off by her side. People understand love, and this is a love story.

It resonates with people, because it's not just my love story. Everything I do, I do for you. Further tests revealed the worst. Five hours later, Yi got a call from the nurse, who told him to rush back.

Yet he still felt vaguely unfulfilled, until a second, somewhat more out-there idea struck. It is not about death, or cancer. But like only the luckiest few, Hyong Yi also is in love with love. They thought it was a lingering cold. Beloved, Hold your head high.

From the beginning, It was always you. Dearest, Having covered so much distance, I'm beginning to understand my place in the world. He took a job in Boston, while she stayed back in Washington to practice law. One or two pedestrians didn't break stride, but most paused to accept. But the woman who became the love of his life was a reluctant first date.

All of which begs the question, why? It seems love translates to all mediums. The family was trailed by several local television news crews, and it didn't take long for the story to go viral. Charlotte, North Carolina, where he is an assistant city manager, became home.

The pneumonia required an X-ray, which sent them to the nearest hospital. No woman could have asked for more. How can I make this, instead of a day of mourning, a day of celebration? It's with the greatest love that I cause you pain. But her story was far from over.

Long-distance romances are rarely easy, but they managed. The cold turned into bronchitis, which eventually became pneumonia. Don't ever forget you are never alone. They empathize with it, and then they can reflect on the love in their life, and what that means.

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Dearest, Everything you do, you do for us. Beloved, You've shed enough tears. He would distribute his love notes to strangers. Everybody has a love story.

Chemotherapy proved no match, and Zanga began planning a future for her family without her. They had a daughter, Anna, and a son, Alex, agumon vs guilmon yahoo dating whom Zanga quit her job to raise. Each package also contained a blank card with a plea from Yi for the recipient to write their own note to a loved one. There's no exception to that.

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Sushi became their favorite. These are our daily acts of love.