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They put us where we are surrounded by the Bible. That responsibility was laid at the feet of our fathers.

Some of us stay in church and fill a pew. Our parents took us to church every time the doors opened, and sent us to every youth activity. We have no building in which we gather.

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It doesn't matter why you came. We struggle with issues like eating disorders, depression and suicide, cutting, pornography, gender identity, homosexuality, drugs, drinking, immorality, and the list could go on. Everything else is a choice. Many of us struggle with stuff that our parents have no idea about because they hardly know us. Our parents did not spend time teaching us to love God.

We want to be ready and we want to help you to get ready. We strive to maintain an open heart to stay receptive to the Holy Spirit.

We watch what is happening in the world. On the other other hand, we know that the beginning is on its way. God is at work in my life and my generation, among those of us who have struggled and are struggling.

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They had us sing in the choir, help in the nursery, be ushers, go soulwinning. So, some of us walk away from church.

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Everything in between is simply filler, but it's during these times, our works, that we are all judged. It only matters that you received the message that was meant for you. It starts and ends with the Bible.

The alienation is fixed, the scars are permanent. And they made sure that we did.

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We are humbly ready to learn together. On one hand, we feel that the end is near.

We see the changes, the disasters, the shift in opinions and consciousness that both saddens us and exhilarates us simultaneously. But they forgot about our hearts. We discuss the possibilities.

We did teen devotionals, and prayed over every meal. They made sure we went to good Christian colleges. So to us, Christianity has become a religion of externals.

If you are able to help us and our families, we would be so grateful. We have no discrimination in our entertainment, dress, look online dating sites or any aspect of our lifestyle. Believing in Christ is the only requirement. And that there is a solution. We are not classically trained at seminary or other religious institution.

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