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The exes phil and eden dating, watch Full Episodes of The Exes

Watch Full Episodes of The Exes

Holly struggles with having to fire someone for the first time. Stuart goes after the Yelper who smeared his practice's perfect rating. Haskell has an idea for a great new app, but needs an investor.

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The Exes Full Episode Guide

Phil and Eden become more than just friends. Stuart and Phil stop by Stuart's old home one last time before it is sold. Phil and Haskell educate Stuart on how to confront a bully at the bar. Meanwhile, dating russian woman tips Nicki has a proposition for Phil. At the wedding Phil and Eden realize they like each other.

Stuart convinces Haskell to pursue a woman he's admired from afar and ends up accidentally stealing her cat. Meanwhile, Holly hires Haskell as her temporary assistant. Now in business together, Haskell and Nicki get rich. Stuart feels guilty for sleeping with a woman who believes he is a war hero. Meanwhile, Stuart dates a British girl with repulsive teeth.

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Stuart and Haskell compete over who can get the most Twitter followers. Haskell sets his sights on the most desperate woman at the wedding. Phil persuades Holly to dress up in drag to try and see if Haskell's date shows any interest. Haskell leaves Holly out of his will and she seeks revenge.

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Holly mentors a teenager who ends up liking Eden's job more than hers. Haskell and Eden take care of Holly after she gets hurt. Holly secretly rewrites Eden's college paper, but it doesn't turn out well. Holly tells them they have to make him come back. Then he gets a call that she has been in a car accident.

Stuart dates a sensitive woman and Phil dates a physical one when they discover that first impressions aren't always right. Stuart and Haskell help prepare Phil for a talk show appearance after he develops a lisp.