SAP TFIN50 Part 1

Users must enter a client key and have a user master record in the client in order to log on to the system. The head accountant is worried that keeping the exchange rates up to date in the system will involve a substantial amount of work.

After copying, you can edit data in your new company code. The following typographic conventions are also used. When a user wants to look at this account online, they can view both the balance and the individual line items.

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SAP TFIN50 Part 1

This key identifies the company code and, for example, sketch up pro must be entered later when posting business transactions or creating company code-specific master data. You can however use different tools for different exchange rate types. To create the accounts use reference accounts that your instructor gives you.

Type Style Description Example text Words or characters that appear on the screen. Which of the following is true a.

This data is managed in another table. The specifications for permitted payment differences can be found in both types of tolerance groups. He is interested in the structure of the customer and vendor accounts. Group Chart of Accounts For internal purposes, cross-company code reporting may be useful, for example, financial statements that contain the items of several company codes.


The system derives the posting period from the posting date. For each currency pair you can define either the direct quotation or the indirect quotation as the standard notation for the exchange rate. For more information about the file input format, data providers, file structures, and so on, see the documentation for this report. Any sales area that wants to do business with a customer has to create a sales area segment first.

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They control the automatic posting of cash discount adjustments and unauthorized deductions. Account in Foreign Currency Accounts with a foreign currency as the account currency can only be posted to in this foreign currency. The format is defined by company guidelines and practices.

Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. They are balancing entities that can create their own set of financial statements for internal purposes. If there is only one retained earnings account, the system automatically uses the one defined in Customizing.

This information controls the entry of accounting documents and the management of accounting data. General Ledger Accounts The chart of accounts is a variant which contains the structure and the basic information about general ledger accounts.

All company codes use the same operational chart of accounts. For the rest of this course we will focus on the maintenance of customer master records in Financial Accounting. The use of indirect quotation is neither application nor country-specific - it affects all the components in which exchange rates are used. Show related SlideShares at end.

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The expense account numbers must be in a separate number interval. This is no problem as long as all company codes use the same chart of accounts.

If all of the fiscal years of a fiscal year variant have the same number of posting periods, only the different period dates for the different years have to be defined see example on the left. In this way you can enter direct quotation exchange rates without a prefix. Select the green arrow to return to the overview screen. This report shows you master data for every general ledger account. Also copy the general ledger accounts at this point!

You can use group account number for the new account for cash disbursements. The name of the clerk is then printed on correspondence automatically. The head accountant is worried that it will be a substantial amount of work to keep the exchange rates up-to-date within the system.

For example, if a company code does not want to use the dunning program, hide the relevant fields for this company code. Typographic Conventions American English is the standard used in this handbook. The Accounting Manager wants four special periods for postings for year-end closing. The system translates the amounts posted in a foreign currency into the company code currency. You can hide fields that are not used in a specific company code, but enter values in these fields in other company codes.