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Main taan tere naal rehna, maan enna mera kehna I want to be with you, just listen to me this much. So please enjoy and let me know your feedback. However, it was not officially released or featured in the movie as a complete song.

The song received favorable critical responses. The song begins with dham dara dham dara refrains, sung by Murtuza Khan and Quadir Khan.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was a tough translation and I have taken some liberties with phrases to keep the rhythm of the song intact.

Original Lyrics- Tere Bina. Dum dara dum dara mast mast dara Dum dara dum dara mast mast dara Dum dara dum dum oh hum dum Bin tere kya jeena.

Translating metaphor into metaphor has been my passion all along and now I wish to share it with the world. It is dedicated to the memory of Pakistani qawwali singer Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan written at the time of the tenth anniversary of his death. Reverting to a semi-qawwalli landscape in the backgrounds of this subtly beautiful piece, Rahman impresses tremendously with his vocal prowess, which only seems to improve throughout his career. More often than not, it will not be a literal translation and that's how I like it. The phrases are simple and rustic, making it apt for expressing the thoughts of the lead protagonists of the film, who come from humble backgrounds.

His life seems devoid of energy when she is not by his side. He tells her that even the monsoon the season of romance would ask for her upon its arrival. Tere bin nahi lagda dil mera dholna My heart becomes restless in your absence, my dear. Sab chhad jayein tu na mainu chhodna Please be with me even if everyone else leaves, Tere bin nai lagda dil mera dholna, My heart goes restless in your absence. Rahman Indian songs Songs written for films Songs with lyrics by Gulzar.

Translation of Tere Bina by bollywoodtarjuma. Tere bina chaand kaa sonaa khotaa re Peeli peeli dhool udaawe jhootaa re Tere binaa sona petal tere sang keekar peepal Aaja katenaa ratiyaan. Tere Bina from Guru represent separation. Redirected from Tere Bina Guru. But, the hobbit the desolation of smaug the version by Qadir brothers was not much appreciated as Rahman's voice is considered more apt for a semi-qawwali song.

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It was written by Gulzar to commemorate his tenth death anniversary. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. She tells him that without him, the moon and its shimmer all appear unreal. Sachi chahaton ka hota koi mol na, Truly, there is no price for a love.

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Chinmayee's support is honorable, as she serves as a pleasant foil to Rahman's smooth rendition. Finally, his partner answers. Tasteless and never-ending nights, parched and shriveled sights My love, without you, life is devoid of delights. All original songs belong to the copyright owners.

Your email address will not be published. Meri akhiyon se hona kadi door naa, And never go away from my eyes. Tere bin nahi lagda dil mera dholna, Sab shad jayein tu na mainu chhodna, Tere bin nahi lagda dil mera dholna.

Without you, Precious diamonds play phony-tricks, lush-trees feel like cactus-pricks. Without her, the nights seem bland. Tere bin, tere bin, Without you, without you, Tere bin nahi lagda dil mera dholna Ke tere bin nahi lagda dil mera dholna, Without you, my heart becomes very restless, dear.

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Email required Address never made public. They both call out to each other because they wish to be together. Ho jag bhull jaaye mujhe, tum nahi bhoolna The world might forget me, but my love, you remember me. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Tere Bina Nahi Lagda Dil

Tere Bina Lyrics Translation (Guru)

Suggesting that expensive things hold no value to him compared to her presence. She too longs to be with him but both of them are busy working at this point. He lives away from his partner and misses her. Nahi lagda, nahi lagda, nahi lagda Ho nai lagda, nai lagda, nai lagda.

Now this is what is expected of a Ratnam-Rahman hook-up! However Rahman used some of the Khan Brother's rendition in the song. Aside from award winning performances and music, the background score of the film by Rahman is easily one of his best works.

The original song sung by Khan Brother was not released in the original album but it is available for unauthorised digital download in internet. Gulzar saab's lyrics are limited, but beautiful nonetheless. Follow bollywoodtarjuma on WordPress. Without her, his life holds no meaning. Sab chadd jayein tu na mainu chhodna, Even if everybody else leaves, you be by my side, dear.

Without you my love, the moonlit gold is a sham, just yellow dust turning to sand. Jaaniya, haaniya, tu vi sikh kadi dukh sukh pholna My life, my love, you too learn to share happiness and sorrow. Notify me of new posts via email. Love Bollywood and passionate about translating poetry. It is a love ballad composed in sufi style of music.

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