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The sound mixer is the audio controller. Once you are in device manager find under sounds and other devices the audio driver or whatever you installed from add hardware. It says i have none installed, windows xp cleaner i have sound and my speakers are fine.

Click on device manager and you are there. That is great news sometimes you can get the same results from gonfiguring windows. Then try to install the sound driver Realtek.

International orders are processed the next shipping day. Once the screen appears click on music and sound this will say whether there are any sound drivers present. Get Back to me if you need me to walk you through anything.

As far as the password is concerned once you are in your desktop screen you can goto control panel under user accounts and cancel out any required passwords and make there be no passwords. Check all of this thoroughly and it might just be the answer. You click in the box I'll look for it myself.

Mine is buried below the surface. Get back to me and I will help you further. Am I the only one whose bus has left without me? Configure all windows components then exit.

Try to find the standard sound devices and the sound mixer is the audio controller so dont try to find sound mixer it is not in that way. Most people think it is called a sound mixer but the truth is that it is an audio controller. You will need the unimodem and aureal game port and you can find it in add harware under show all devices usually.

In the run box type msconfig hit enter. There is a possibilty you do not the motherboard resources. Once the screen appears at the top of it goto start up click.

Even faster click start click run and put in dxdiag. Everything relies on each other in some way and with sound it takes a few things to work one and vice versa. Hi Guilherme, This kit does not include batteries.

If you can do it then restart the computer. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. They have everything to get your computer back to its original state.

It contracts and hides inside the hole when it is not needed. The computer needs to know to record through the system without going through the microphone. This is something that can be done to get to that screen where the audio controller may be.

Did you get a fix to it as yet. In Stock Update Location close. Most of the time it is not having the soundcard that is the problem. When you goto add hardware have it show all devices instead of just sound devices look through all of them and find just a standard audio codecs.

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This answer can help both you and the poster before you. Does this kit come with the the batterys for the recorder or do I hav to buy it separetely? The best thing to do is to try loading up a new operating system or recoverying the old one. And this is one that alot of people do not think about. Need to be able to set gain control to faders.

Plus, it is compact and will fit in your pocket, which makes it well suited for jobs on the run. If you do not want to do it this way let me know and I will guide you another way.

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If you want to ask more email me at chad. While it does go through batteries pretty quickly if you're using phantom power, the device does alert users when the batteries are running low, saving me from nasty surprises. The sound mixer is usually the audio controller. Great audio, great price, limiters that work, easy to use, small form factor, screen is easy to read and use.

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If I know that I probably can tell you. And some adjustments can be made in the bios system but that depends on whether you need the password to get into it. Windows media player or the computer itself?

If you don't own one of these you're human. Is there something else I should look for? There is always the chance that you have a virus.

This simply means it's very easy to get a great recording, without having to worry about levels being too low, or too hot. Goto add hardware and try to find an audio controller. View Cart tbdsfstfufdyfexcrfuyferzr. You need an audio controller you will find it in add hardware. There are many ways to fix your problem so don't get discouraged it is an easy fix.

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Goto add hardware in control panel or wherever your add hardware is and search for hardware yourself dont let the computer do it. If it does not take correctly or you need to know how to install it let me know. Do you have a recovery disk for your operating system?

Tell me what is listed and I will help you further. The next screen will have a list. Once I know this I will be able to determine what you are missing and how to get it. However because so many things are missing you might as well try to redo the system itself and start fresh.