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She says to him that earlier Heera was known by his father Thakur Bhanupratap whereas nowadays Thakur Bhanupratap is known by his son Heera. These words of Sharda make Thakur Bhanupratap comprehend the virtue of Heera and he rings him up. Bhanu has to do menial household work and has virtually no relationships with his family, with the exception of his mother.

All songs are blockbusters. Raaga app is a great way to download and listen to your music and shows. In due of time with hard work, Bhanu Prasad gradually becomes one of the biggest businessmen in town and Swapna the District Collector.

Bollywood Hindi Mp3 Songs Movie List

Get Activation Code New User? Satyanarayana and remained his first and only directorial in Hindi. In the beginning, she thinks Bhanu is a servant and looks down on him.

Bollywood Hindi Mp3 Songs Movie List

Heera heeds Dharmendra's advice and, on the day of Radha's wedding with Kevada Thakur's son, Heera gatecrashes into the ceremony and carries Radha away with him and marry in a temple. Anu Malik has lent sensational music to the film. Finally, Harischandra accepts Bhanu as his son, and the entire family is happily united.

Knowing this, Bhanu and Swapna also feel very happy. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

At the hospital, when Singaraju and his men badly beat Bhanu, Harischandra arrives to his son's rescue. Save Playlist Clear Close. It is then when Thakur Bhanupratap testifies against Kevada Thakur in presence of the crowd how Kevada Thakur, with artifice, poisoned the kheer offered to him by Heera. Harischandra dislikes his third son Bhanu because of him being illiterate, but Bhanu is a devoted and benevolent son to his father.

All the songs aptly relate the story through various phases. However, a persistent Radha convinces Heera to overcome his past and they fall in love. Then he reveals Bhanu's past.

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Thakur Bhanupratap sends for Heera and says to him that if he abandons Radha, he will be received by Thakur Bhanupratap as his son. Heera eventually learns to his surprise and delight that his son has been in communication with his father, Thakur Bhanupratap. Rajkumar Music Director Follow. The film marked the Bollywood debut of Telugu director E.

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Anu Malik composed the music for the songs of the movie. The way in which the story is made and more materially, Amitabh Bachchan's realistic performance have made the film stir everyone. Harischandra incidentally comes across his grandson, develops a secret friendly relation with him.

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Although the film was declared a flop at the box office, critics praised Amitabh Bachchan's performances in dual roles as both father and son. Eventually, Singaraju mixes up poison in it. All the songs have been sung with befitting lyrics and pleasant inflection. To prevent any misunderstandings, powerpoint slide designs for 2012 Bhanu declared that he was not interested in Madhavi and earned his father's wrath.

This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Bhanu breaks his plan, marries Swapna, and enrages both of their parents.

The film was recorded as a Blockbuster at the box office. She praises Bhanu to be as valuable as a diamond. Both form an ideal husband-wife couple and eventually receive the acceptance of Radha's family. It is the supreme duty of a son to live up to his father's expectations. Swapna teaches him reading, writing, and some arithmetic, while she pursues her own, I.

Neecham Nutan Prasad as Judge P. Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry. The movie shows a true to life story related to an Indian family, where the esteem of a family is held in high regard. Default Default Title Rating.

Before Thakur Bhanupratap speaks a word to Heera over the phone, he throws up blood, apparently because of consuming the kheer offered by Heera. Select your display language You can choose one language.


An event occurs in which Madhavi insults them, so Bhanu decides to grow up and prove himself. The story is set in the backdrop of rural India. This act of Heera stirs up great anger in Thakur Bhanupratap who terminates his relationship with Heera and Radha. After listening to Bhanu's story, Swapna falls in love with him. Even though Bhanu isn't interested initially, eventually he accepts her love.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Playlist Themed Playlist Recent Popular. At one point, Madhavi requests Bhanu to allow her husband to work in his factory, as his business is under loss. Radha resolves either to unite with Heera or hang herself to death. He has a strong enmity to Singaraju Lingaraju Anand Raj and vice versa.

Listening to Heera's sad past from Dharmendra, a compassionate Radha acquires fascination for Heera and she exhibits indications of love for him many times, which Heera does not reciprocate to. She would never marry Heera, whom she considered worthless because of his illiteracy. Later, Heera, with tearful eyes, watched the marriage of Gauri with a well-off man and he developed antipathy for love because of the distress caused by all these happenings. During the speech Heera solely praises his father who listens on in shock, that despite all he has done, Heera still respects him so much and leaves although his wife sees him. Unlimited Music Anytime, Anywhere.