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You want to enjoy the present moment. Let us shun the doership of actions. Lord Rama also freed Gods from the shackles of Ravana.

Let us realise our true self. We are nursing our body with great care but death may destroy it any moment. It is very difficult for human-beings to abide by his qualities. Due to this in the course of time our ego rises. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Samarth Ramdas Swami s Manache Shlok

Dont burn your heart for the wordly worries. Let us not disturb the tranquility of mind. This greatest God is not visible without taking refuge at the feet of the preceptor. But who writes the destiny of God Brahma on his forehead. He should not have jealousy for others.

One should respectfully abide by the good qualities. The element that we have been talking about is beyond logic. This will hamper our progress of self-realisation. Let us bear the evil words spoken to us.

We should discover our true self and should understand that our existence is not restricted to our body alone. Let us remember the protector of the afflicted. Let us have attachment for Lord Rama. Niether can undertaking penance or renunciation can make it stable.

Let us have assciation with good people. But there are some sinful people who are always confused.

Let us try to find out the infinite and all-pervading truth. Let us not eat for the sake of feeding stomach. This will purify our mind and intellect.

Therefore we should remember Shri Ram. This path will lead us to Shri Hari. Let us attain salvation by dwelling our mind on Shri Hari.

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All this is possible through association with good people. We should renounce the doership in everything that happens. Ego and ignorance is rising in our mind.

Shri Manache Shlok- Part 2 song detail

Shri Manache Shlok- Part 2 Suresh Wadkar mp3 download

Let us transform our conscious that is dull into an alert one. Let us destroy jealousy in our mind.

Lord Rama released Gods from the prison of Ravana. Let us not indulge in futile imaginations even for a while. That element is all-pervading. Let our actions amidst people be pure and proportionate.

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He is worth living who has raised his concious from the level of his body to reach the level of Lord Rama. We should not magnify our ego. Even the death shivers at the sight of Lord Rama. He should gauge the depth of his disciples. We are entangled here and there.

Let us gain knowledge, detachment to the world and ability of mind by listening to the verses for mind. The gist of the Vedas and Puranas is that one should remember Lord Rama. Lord Rama is the master of Hanuman, websites where to movies the son of the Wind God. Therefore let us shun the ego.

This is possible due to Lord Ram always being remembered in Kashi. Let us not praise ourselves due to the jealousy for others.

Let the conscience tame our mind when our mind derails from the track. Let us tame our mind with conscience.

If we think that everything is blank then this is our ignorance. He who has knowledge realises the eternal spirit. We should build the resource base for doing work of public good.

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He may earn a name amidst people. Let the determination of our mind be strong. They tell us their experience and guide our way. Come and experience this peace.

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But people dont understand this. He does not get involved in anything. He has granted salvation to many human beings. If we dont do this then we will get tired.

Now there is no scope for any differentiation. Let us know that the death will consume us in the course of time. The Lord immediately attended to his call and granted him a permanant postion in the space as a North Star.