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What a waste of time for such a small update! Plug your iPhone to your computer and wait for iTunes to detect it.

If you have any question about QuickPwn, please ask your question in the forum. Sir, if in case I used QuickPwn to do the jailbreaking, os software for windows 7 will it still be possible to unlock it in the future using Yellowsnow or any other application?

QuickPwn 2.2.5-2 for iPhone Firmware 2.2.1 Released for Windows

So make sure you select at least Cydia, then click the blue arrow to continue. Time to sync my music and apps again, I decided to go fresh with this. Make sure you have the very latest version of iTunes. Please read all parts of this post before downloading and using these tools. What exactly am I doing wrong?

Download QuickPWN for Windows 10 7 /8 (64/32 bits). Latest Version

When you downloaded the quickpwn file, did you grab the right one for your phone? Damn, another problem now. At which point do I restore from backup in order to get all my App store apps on the phone? Back-up sync your phone before you start.

My phone is stuck with the pineapple symbol on the front. As an alternative to restoring, you may want to read my post about upgrading a jailbroken iPhone. Is there another link I should use to download QuickPwn? If I let the phone restore and then use Quickpwn, I guess I should restore from backup after quickpwn has jailbroken it? It seems Rob had the same problem a month or so ago but he has fixed i will really appreciate if you can tell me how you did it rob.

Hey Chris, Glad to see you made it without any problem. And is it possible to brick the iPhone to a point of no return with quickpwn? Dev Team has published some more direct download links which you can use in case you are having trouble with the Bittorrent link. To make sure this was the issue of it failing. Is there something wrong with the program?

Download quickpwn free

The pineapple stays on the front. If you have any question, please ask in the forum.

QuickPwn for iPhone Firmware Released for Windows

Just make sure you back them up people, maybe with a pen and paper! Jay, My only suggestion for you is to do a hard restore to get the phone back in to working order. The jailbroken apps I had on my iPhone were no longer present even after syncing my device. Click the blue arrow to continue.

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Disclaimer This website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. Hey, Everytime i do qwkpwn, i go through the cycle of holding stuff down, it gets stuck on uploading bootloader.

QuickPwn for iPhone Firmware Released for Windows

Pwnage will only upgrade the firmware so you can install third party application. Nu change despite numerous reset with home and power button. This is an important step because it starts the iphone from scratch. Any input is much appreciated! Is there any other way to restore my iPhone without using iTunes?

Can I still use this process to unlock my phone? This is a very important step! Also, I forgot to mention. When I hit the phone button, it opens up and then crashes. After trying to push the buttons a million times, I then restored my phone and tried again.

You are looking for the prompts on the program not on your phone right? Sebastien I had originally used the firmware that was in the iTunes folder. The install went smoothly, with one small exception.

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All i got is the lighted Apple icon. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Your recovery instructions worked perfectly.

Jayna, I hate to put it this way but are you following the instructions word for word? This will add Cydia and Installer too. After going through the motions and everything on the screen showed okay my phone just kept rebooting.

At the bottom of this post are the bittorrent files for the latest versions of PwnageTool and QuickPwn. It might take a while, or it might just take a few days. Had just some problem, I do not follow instructions at first. Open iTunes, click on your phone on the left, hold the shift button down, and click the Restore button.

Please follow this link to read the complete disclaimer. Is it possible or is a waste of time. This got all my contacts and settings back. Watch the prompts carefully and follow along!