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The nation that ignores the past will be denied tomorrow. Moreover, the liberal-left historians did not repudiate the idea of Pakistan. This article may be in need of reorganization to comply with Wikipedia's layout guidelines. Compare apple to an apple, and it will clear our minds. After starring in dozens of super-hit films, Shabnam became the number one reigning actress in Pakistan by the early s.

No Hindus were involved in scheming with British. We want to be away from Pakistan as far as possible. Agreed and unfortunately there will always be people denying these facts.

Forget history, the propoganda the indian newschannels are spreading are sad n amusing simultaneously. The thing about falsified history is, it fails to have any logical sense. But I am sure the writer who is all out to apportion the blame on Pak would n't appease India either.

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Pakistan was created with the yearning of living in an environment that was guided by the Islamic principles which encompassed non Muslims who also wanted to live under the same environment. And not short sighted propaganda that'd be fed to consume and form a distorted worldview, if it really happened. The most blatant lie in Pakistan Studies textbooks is the idea that Pakistan was formed solely because of a fundamental conflict between Hindus and Muslims. You guys already have a couple of them in your pocket. Let us live happily in our part of the land and develop the country.

They want instead to be ready to be subordinate to Arabs but they are not ready to even marry their women which is nothing but blatant exploitation. If we redefine ourselves as a law-abiding, relatively secular, modern democracy and stop mixing religion and governance, we can be on the path to progress.

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Her role in the film Anjuman film was very well-liked. You talk about prejudice against Muslims in India, correct? Most textbooks in Sindh at least do mention Moenjodaro and the Indus Valley civilisation, but it is not discussed in a meaningful way and there is no discussion about its extent and culture.

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The Maulana, in particular, charged Nehru for jettisoning the plan for a Congress-Muslim coalition in and the prospect of an enduring Hindu-Muslim partnership. Almost three generations have come after separation and still people are forced to swallow these lies. Some of the opinions from the contributors are also a bit too biased and sort of narrative building phenomenon. We have lost our identity and generations grow up believing in the falsehood studied in our educational institutions.

We also need to know our participation in all foreign wars we fought be it in Korea, Afghanistan or else where. India being a huge diverse country has a plethora of opinion on Pakistan, both informed and imaginary. What is the need to do it? Had they been part of India, they would have never gained an independent Bangladesh.

In fact, there are too many Muslims already in India to give enough headache. Have you travelled to any of the Muslim countries? It's a fact that in the entire history of India it has never attacked a nation first.

Mushtaq Dear Mushtaqji, Indian media is no drama, pl. Bangladesh war is such a recent phenomenon, so the description above really made me laugh. That's how the credibility of any media outlet is established. The books of history represent fabrication and manipulation of shameful degrees.

Nobody in India in their sane mind wants to join Pakistan. Manoj We hope there should come a few Indians forward and have guts to tell the truth too.

We were one once and we were divided for selfish gains of a few. The divide is permanent and let us learn to live like a good neighbour. In most cases, it was because the Muslim ruler was punishing an insubordinate Hindu official.

We can't even get our facts straight that are fresh in the memory, sifting through the realities when Dacca fell and people stood ankle deep in the blood of their loved ones. Why don't it solve the problem of Siachin and Sir Creak which are very minor issues as compared to re-uniting these three countries. Partition was good for the Hindus. It vibrates with knowledge and highest standards of journalism. Most of Sabiha's movies were with her husband playing the lead role opposite her, the late Santosh Kumar Syed Musa Raza.

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Anything built upon falsehood will deteriorate to the point of non-existence. This internet age will clear many of these misgivings. Bookmarked to read at home in peace. Whether it was true or false is immaterial but the reason for building the mosque at that place was definitely this belief.

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But it is sad that most of Pakistanis do not want o ready more than than what is taught to them. Pakistanis has adopted different religion over the history.

Ganga Din at least there is no organized massacre in Muslim countries Also you don't have to worry about Pakistani babus in Islamabad, they are always available to be sold to highest bidder. Her performance was praised, and soon Mohammad Ali introduced his daughter to a noted stage drama writer and poet, atif aslam new songs 2013 Nafees Khaleeli. She also acted in some award-winning television dramas.

The new generation there should exploit the opportunities with economically growing India and partner trade, development, education and entertainment. As a result, the making of Pakistan and its evolution as a nation state is interpreted differently in various quarters. Coming to peace would also be a Pakistan's mercy. The Nizam of Hyderabad India supported the British in the revolt and were rewarded. The very same thing is also used by groups of people collectively.

Whatever the credentials of the founders of All India Muslim League and the manifesto of the party, in retrospect, creation of Pakistan was the most sane and fortunate thing done to us. Akil Akhtar Their is no unity in Ummah. So Jinnah used the next best option open to himself. Its impossible that a mosque was built in A.

The nation will always read the one sided perspective which is all about the religion but not the history or facts. After completion of studies, I have come to the conclusion that the partition should not have happened. This is now a balanced perspective. History is only of use for its lessons, and it is the duty of the historian to see that they are properly taught. So people believe them majority don't.

There is no trust with Afghanistan, Iran or India. However, our text books are not as misleading as indian text books are. Question it and ask why or really? Along the way, she found the love of her life - Santosh Kumar.

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