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Pakistani Shiite Muslims flagellate themselves with chains during a Muharram procession in Islamabad, Pakistan, on Saturday. Shia and Sunni Muslims observe Muharram for different reasons. People in large numbers visit the mandal next to our year-old pandal to see the Ganapati tableau and the panjas.

Members of both communities where both stand cheek-by-jowl have ensured that harmony prevails. We also make it a point to remain present on Qatal-Ki-Raat.

At Bhopla Chowk in Pune Camp, the Ganesh mandals and the tazia organisers met about a month ago to ensure that events related to both pass off peacefully. Our committee is secular with Kevin Pillay, a Christian, as our vice president and Faiz Shaikh as the president. The city, especially in some of the old areas and the Pune Cantonment, is dotted with pandals and tazias, a replica of the tomb of Imam Hussein.

Pakistani Muslims gather in Islamabad. Muslims have taken a call to cook vegetarian food.

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We want other communities to follow suit. Mansur Shaikh is the first person to give the Ganapati vargani every year. Shias mourn and weep on this day to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, who was killed in the Battle of Karbala, while Sunnis celebrate it by fasting. Boy flagellates himself in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Both communities have an emotional bonding. We have requested the police to monitor the activities of people visiting the temples and masjids to avoid any untoward incident. We offer rice and methi to the pandal for prayers. Prophet Muhammad urged his followers to fast on the day of Ashura and on the day before that - Tasu'a, the ninth day. The story of the killing of Hussain's six-month-old son still makes people break out in tears.

Members of both the communities unanimoulsy decided to observe Muharram and celebrate Ganapati festival peacefully at Bhopla Chowk. This year, security dating arrangement idea Ganeshotsav and Muharram have coincided with celebrations for one community and a period of mourning and austerity for another.

Several others who are our members participate. We have installed seven panjas of which two belong to our Hindu brother Nitin Manjrekar and five belong to Ahmed Shaikh Jaffar. This is to mark victory of Moses over the Egyptian Pharoah by freeing the Isrealites from slavery. Express Photo by Partha Paul Share your thoughts. Such brotherhood conveys a message of secularism.

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It sends a message about harmony to all communities. Muslims wear black on this day which is the colour of mourning and visit mosques and shrines. Prominent personalities like Venkatesh Balaji alias Mandar performed the aarti at the mandal and offered flowers to the tazia.

Unlike other festivals, it is not a joyful occasion. They help us to keep the calm during the immersion procession.