Microsoft Outlook 2010 Color Schemes

Its nice to see an app like this. What is the indication that there are further appointments not shown?

Too Bad Maybe my company will let me re-install the older version Terri. Did this solve your problem? It appears there is no solution possible.

Most customers will probably be stupid enough to pay again for what they already had in a previous version. Seizure warnings Photosensitive seizure warning. Ridiculous Blue is bright and faded.

The blue background shading of the Navigation Pane drives me nuts! After reading the whole thread, I made my decision. Too bad I can't do anything about the Access interface colors. Tell me Microsoft, you're not hurting for money. Publisher Info Color Scheme support.

Sally's replacement because she went to work for Google? Love it, free version is so simple and basic to use. Now we have to watch our backs on missing barely-visible indicators of commitments that might not be shown? Make it for best ergonomic practices. It is aesthetically pleasing but unreadable.

They understand the issue, but it would require a large modification to Windows to address this. Well I'm going to chime in here too!

If you have any feedback on our support, bluff my call app please contact tngfb microsoft. Are all you Microsoft Millionaires really that lazy that you can't provide a classic color scheme and allow us to keep what we're used too? Haven't heard from anyone on the Microsoft team for six or seven months on this thread. The original poster referred to Outlook and I totally agree with him. Unfortunately my boss still has me on Outlook at work.

Change the Outlook color scheme - Outlook

Also, not overly impressed with the recommendations for the color schemes, pretty uninspirational imho. It's a fun app to create colors schemes. Email Required, but never shown.

Change the Default Color Scheme in Office

All of our customizations over the years macros and such weren't compatible unless jumping through all kinds of hoops that made it too difficult. Silver was impossible to read with no contrast. Starring at that this all day would give people a headache. Most of us who use Office products don't have a choice in the matter, it is the corporate standard that is pushed down on us. They are bad enought that I want to discontinue the product, get a refund and go back to the previous version.

How do we grade questions? Additional information Published by TiSoft. And all the color scheme changing in the world doesn't seem to affect this. Those functionalities are pretty useless when you can't read the screen! This method was close, but still failed to bring Office back to the usability it once had.

Considering this is a fairly expensive suite to obtain, one would think greater insight into user needs and desires would have been utilized. Most helpful Most helpful Most recent Highest rated Lowest rated. So far, except for an entry last year, no one from Microsoft has offered a solution. The lack of borders around objects makes it hard to click the right spot.

Custom color schemes for outlook

Looks like it's easier to customize Outlook Web Access source. And the fact that of the three color options having it be the old way is not one of them is ridiculous. With the different settings you can really begin to explore what sets of colors you like together. The new color schemes in Office are awfull.

That seems to be a rarity in the Windows Store, so developers like this that add value to the platform should be supported. That can be the only explanation. This is because the code for generating the basic components of a window is built into Windows, and is not part of each individual program. Also it didn't install correctly the first time and it mentioned that there is an in app purchase which wasn't clear about what I would get if I got it. Every time I check my email at work now I have to squint.

The black color scheme is depressing, the blue wishy-washy, and the grey so washed out it is almost unreadable. Still, Sally's response is true in most any sense it is read.

Maybe someone needs to make a point of having the World Health Organization get on their back. With the current scheme some of the icons wash out and the screen segments run together - even in windows file explorer. When i have muliple emails open find it very hard to find the actual edge of the current window. There was absolutely no reason to change it at all. How satisfied are you with this response?

You can also choose an Effect. Guess Microsoft just got tried of have customers. If this answer solves your problem, please check, Mark as Answered.


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