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She is half naked due to the fact that she wants, in part, for him to see her as something other than a friend. Hanako gives a small shriek as my mind blanks. The wording is specifically used to evoke a feeling that she's not exactly enjoying herself, and most of the response she's having is mechanical.

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My Biggest Surprise of the Year

The whole segment is open to interpretation. Essentially you're saying that it was fucked up but because they talk it through at the end it makes it all better? About how it hurts people instead. She gives a nod without so much as glancing at me at me, and makes her way to her bed as I do.

Also a spoiler for the Hanako arc. The initial consent he receives comes after he undresses himself. Man will exist, and then he will die. What she didn't do was consent to him stripping to his boxers, an act of coercion. Some other plot stuff happens, and they sleep together.

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That's a very strange stance on the whole thing. If you white knight Hanako then you get the bad ending outright. It points out how fucked up it was and they finally communicate properly about their feelings and they mutually decide to work through it together without any of that whiteknighting bullshit. She walks as if her legs were wooden sticks. Because the ending is what resolves the questions of the sex scene.

Hanako's entire body tenses as I bring myself closer to her, casper smart dating j-lo nippel her eyes widening. Everything's dead until it's alive.

Hanako and Hisao make a mistake and the ending resolves that. And have you seen the bad end for Hanako's route? The sex scene is awkward as is the case with a lot of the sex scenes and questionable, but the ending is about explaining what happened there. Nevertheless, she takes her cue and reluctantly sits between my legs.

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Her lips purse tightly as she tries, unsuccessfully, to suppress a squeal of surprise at the action. Thats why there is nothing questionable about the ending. Very much interpretive, but still.

My Biggest Surprise of the Year - Katawa Shoujo - Giant Bomb

The whole arc is about how white knighting is bullshit and doesn't help people. My waist hits hers with a fair amount of force as I hit the point of climax, and I can feel myself twitching inside of her. And in the closing cutscenes we see they are very happy. Her body twists and turns under mine, only heightening the feelings of euphoria. The ending is definitely questionable whether or not they talked it through at the end.