Marvel Agents Of Shield Episode 1

Marvel s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 Episode 1

Lists Cast members Film cast Television series cast. May manages to defeat Tobias and convinces him to let go, causing Tobias to disappear to an unknown location. Salli Richardson-Whitfield. While investigating a problem at S.

Audible Download Audio Books. Coulson warns him that doing so would end up killing millions. She uses a scanning device to compel him to remember aspects of his being brought back to life.

Ward frees Raina and introduces Garrett to her as the Clairvoyant. Ward accompanies Hand to the Fridge so he can see to Garrett's imprisonment personally, but shortly reveals his own allegiance to Hydra by killing Hand and freeing Garrett. When the Bus arrives at the Hub, the group splits into teams to capture Hand. It faces a future of perpetual re-invention, and that puts it in the exhilarating first car of television's roller-coaster ride toward possible world domination. Sif returns Lorelei to Asgard, and May ends her relationship with Ward.

Outstanding Special and Visual Effects. The team investigate a series of deaths involving levitation and electrostatic anomalies.

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Peterson, unable to face his son, goes off on his own to redeem himself. Coulson discovers a message with coordinates in the Canadian wilderness, where they discover the hidden S. Now we have a chance to start them over and figure out what it's like to really be a secret again. Agent Koenig puts the team through the ultimate lie detector test and Coulson races to protect an old flame from an old enemy.

They soon converge on his new location while Triplett and Simmons stay at the Hub with Hand. However, Hand reveals that she is not a member of Hydra but believes that Coulson is, and recruits Triplett and Simmons to aid her in stopping them. With Thor off the grid, Coulson's team is assisted by Dr. The fact that Bill Paxton worked out was fantastic.

Garrett decides to interrogate Quinn on the Bus, learning that the Clairvoyant ordered Quinn to shoot Skye so they could learn about Coulson's resurrection. The stunt coordinator for the season was Tanner Gill. They have plans for films, and we have plans to intermingle with them, and it's the name of our show.

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Over the years, Garrett trains Ward, and eventually tells him about Hydra. We didn't know we were going to fall in love with Ruth Negga the way we did as Raina. Once there, the team quickly realizes that the object is a piece of forgotten Hydra technology powered by Tesseract energy. Ward completes the mission, discovering mysterious carvings, while Coulson finds who he thinks is Amador's handler, only for that man to be killed through a similar device to Amador's. Promotional poster and home media cover art.

Coulson orders that the gravitonium be placed under S. Meeting up with May, they get back to the train and Simmons, but Fitz and Skye are gone, having already followed the package to Quinn's mansion. Everyone escapes the facility, which was rigged to explode, and despite Coulson attempting to prevent Fitz from giving Skye the drug based on what he saw in the T. The team tries to track down a former agent who is now stealing valuable information.

Use mdy dates from December Articles containing potentially dated statements from May All articles containing potentially dated statements. Simmons can only sustain Skye temporarily by placing her in the hyperbaric chamber. Meanwhile, Coulson and May are keeping information regarding Skye's parents from her. Skye knows a hacker who could have released the information on Chan's location and abilities, and secretly sleeps with him, trying to discover the truth. The Broadcast Television Journalists Association.

Here's an example of changing. Quinn attempts to sell Deathlok soldiers to the military, and invites them to tour Cybertek's facility.

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Assembling a Universe in the place of an Agents of S. Two separate production management and creative teams were established to work on the show, with most of the episodes being worked on concurrently, either two or three at a time. The special included promotional footage for then unaired episodes of the season. The production team tried to pair specific artists to the teaser posters based on their previous work and how it connected to the themes and emotion of the intended episode.

They fight Lorelei and her men, but Lorelei enchants Ward and they commandeer the Bus. Most of the sequences storyboarded were action or science fiction sequences. For instance, it was a challenge keeping Samuel L. The team finds Nash, a vegetative man on life support who communicates through a computer. She reveals that she knows his secret and escapes, while he fights the police, but she is captured by Deathlok.

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On whether it was Marvel's idea or the showrunner's to have Coulson promoted to Director and tasked with rebuilding S. Coulson Lives in Marvel's S. It will please Marvel fans, I think. The agents investigate the strange occurrences of a woman who, they believe, ek munda punjabi song has telekinetic powers. It's a wild night out on the planet of Kitson for the agents.

It needs to be its own thing. Although the team initially assumed the deaths were caused by some form of weapon, the cause is found to be an alien virus from a Chitauri helmet salvaged from the Battle of New York. Ward becomes exposed to a piece of an Asgardian staff, which causes his worst memory to resurface.

The team deduces that the cadets are building a bigger ice machine for Quinn, and with the better power source, Seth and Donnie give Quinn a demonstration, creating a massive ice storm. May later pulls a prank on Fitz, revealing that she is healing.

It's how to pull back, how to take a hit and make it look real. Hunting the Clairvoyant, the team boards a train in Italy on which a Cybertek Inc.

Marvel s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 Episode 1

Initially it seems to cause an Extremis reaction, but Garrett recovers. Britt was cast as Agent Triplett, an associate of Garrett. Unknown to them, May is monitoring their conversation, and reporting to someone else.

Bell stated that the initiative was a way to tie the series back to its comics roots, and was thought of at the beginning of the season. Becoming Royal, Songland and more! Reyes betrays Coulson in order to take the Hydra weapon for her government so they can defeat Peruvian rebels. Skye finds Koenig's body and realizes that Ward is with Hydra. Raina injects him with Extremis to increase his power, before harvesting his blood platelets for further experimentation.

Coulson escorts Peterson to the arranged exchange, where Peterson reveals that Centipede want Coulson, not Peterson. While visiting the scene where Peterson rescued a woman from a burning building, the team learns that the fire was caused by another subject exploding due to the Extremis. Coulson briefly comforts Audrey before withdrawing, as he plans on telling her he is alive some other day. Meanwhile, May leaves the team, tired of Coulson not trusting her.