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Liv tyler and justin theroux dating jennifer, justin Theroux shares a sweet moment with Liv Tyler's baby son

Justin Theroux seems confident! Meanwhile, dating course htb Justin talked about giving up smoking and how he's finding it pretty tough - having been trying to quit for the past seven years. Spokesperson for Justin Theroux.

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Justin Theroux explains his group honeymoon with Jennifer Aniston

Liv is also a mum to year-old Milo with ex-husband Royston Langdon, while Dave has a seven-year-old son Grey with his ex-wife Davinia Taylor. The newlyweds and their guests dined on everything from chicken, fish, sausage, fettuccine carbonara with pork and mostacciolo pasta with red sauce, according to Us Weekly. The magazine even provided pictures, but as Gossip Cop explained, instead of substantiating this narrative, the photos actually disproved it.

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's email wedding invites revealed

The article claimed the pair were seen at Il Bacco, but presented snapshots of Jolie and Theroux separately leaving Il Buco, an unrelated restaurant in Manhattan. Below, see five more wrong dating rumors about Theroux. The outlet had no images of Jolie and Theroux together, and no new pictures of either of them at either restaurant, because the supposed outing never happened.

But not only were each of these dating rumors phony when they came out, as Gossip Cop had said in each instance, but the passage of time has now made their falsity even more clear. Let's just say we don't think the wedding will be called off any time soon. After Hanging Together in France. That lone sighting is likely what inspired this made-up narrative.

These platonic outings often provide fodder for the gossip media, which then sensationalize the hangouts into blossoming romances.