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Its a book about how life was to Sonia in her world she lived. From the first page to the last, I could not put the books down.

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Sonia got involved in selling drugs, she hooked up with any guy and was almost always high. Took a star off simply because of Reymundo's attitude towards Sonia. Sonia was the middle girl between her two sisters. It was informative with regards to gang life but also sad. As a Latino and Puerto Rican male, I have witnessed many of my friends die and spend time in jail for their gang activities and life styles.

Until you are in that situation yourself, you like to think you'd make all these really intelligent decisions but the reality is that you'd probably do nothing and hope things improve on their own. Though this was not possible as the reading continued as Sonia ended up treating her daughter just as her mother had treated her. One day Sonia and her older sister were invited to join the gang they decided to join so they had to get a violation beating. All Professional Homemade.

Now that chic know her business she do what it do. My favorite part of this book was when the author tells the consequences for breaking an important rule. The only person she never experiences some form of betrayal with, was a boyfriend who was in prison throughout their entire relationship. Soon after that her Mother and sister moved back to puerto rico where they party all night everyday.

It really isn't the story of a high ranking female gang member so much as it is a story of an abused and confused girl-turned-women who can't seem to escape the cycle of poverty and abuse. Every friend or relative she ever trusts, or is ever close to, fucks her over, often repeatedly, and she does her own share of fucking them over. As a Latin Queen, she experienced the exhilarating highs and unbelievable lows of gang life. My heart hurts for her Good but repetitive Although the book was good and was well written the issues that Lady Q continued to experience went continuously around in a vicious cycle.

Oh, so that's how she does it! This book was written to tell the story of a female gang member's life, not pull off amazing literary feats. You think, some way or form they will make that upbringing define them. She progressed in this gang up to the point she was the girlfriend of the king of the kings Tino.

Good but repetitive Although the book was good and was well written the issues that Lady Q continued to experience went continuously around in a vicious cycle. Sonia grew up without the love of her mother who always beat her and that blamed her for anything that happened even though she knew it was one of her other daughter's fault.

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Yet there was something that lacked in her life and that's what started her life filled with gangs and drugs and sex. The latin kings also carried her with respect and that made her feel like they were their actually family. Come and tell me your naughty fantasies and let's make them real. This book takes place in many places but i think the one that is most mentioned is in chicago. Lady Q admits that the only man that truely ever loved her and that she loved was Tino.

It was sad to know that her daughter turned out just like her mother I throughly enjoyed reading this book. The girl this is about says something in the afterward about how she hopes that it could help just one person, etc. Sonia's not really a super likable character but she's well developed and you do see the many dimensions of her personality and way of thinking.

Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or shared computers. At first she really loved the way Miguel treated Lisset he was very respectful towards her.

Please enter the required information. The book was really brutal and honest which I liked but I wish there was more details. The book Lady Q by Reymundo Sanchez has permitted me to see the life of a gang banger in a whole new perspective.

Sonia Rodriguez is the pseudonym of a former Latin Queen who no longer lives in Chicago. It was very catchy at first but I lost interest towards the end. The first night Sonia slept in the same room with her cousin Nito he touched her. When her mother decided to move to Chicago from Perto Rico Sonia thought her nightmare had ended but in reality it has just begun. Sonia got involved in the Latin Queens.

Growing up in that environment had to be hard but every day is a step towards better. You have reached the maximum allowed number of favorite playlists. So one night she decides to stay up late to find out who was this man, who was touching her and when she found out who it was she was surprise, her uncle was abusing her and touching her. She started Dating the king of all latin kings so she became real powerful in between all latin kings. She is scarredof wat her suppously called family did t her.

Sonia didn't want to leave Tony without a father. Sonia is the main character in this book.

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This book provides a first person insight into an area of gangs that is frequently overlooked by society. In some ways this proved to show you how the gang lifestyle would suck you back in over and over while in others it made you wonder why she wouldn't realize this and break away. We're always working towards adding more features that will keep your love for porno alive and well. She used to be but i don't see any new vids of her now days.

Her uncle Jose molested her, he touched her and she tried to tell her mom but her response to that was a slap and name calling and beating Sonia. Sad that sometimes the struggles in life for someone defines them for the rest of their lives. The Rise and Fall of a Latin Queen. She deep down was a good girl but grew up in a non loving family. Sonia later on found out she was pregnet.

She resided in a neighborhood infested with Latin kings so it was no surprise where the first place she looked and thought she found was in the streets involving the latin kings. Please delete some of your current favorite playlists before adding new ones. All started when she move in to chicago to live with carlos her mother's new husband. Its About sonia trying to fit in her family never liked her they always blame her for whatever her sisters do. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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Once they got to Chicago her older sister be Well i think that Lady Q is a great book. The mom had boyfriends that mistreated her and her sister hung around a very well know gang where Lady Q felt love by the girls in this Gang. My favorite character was lady Q, she was the main character of the book she was a tall and skinny woman, sandisk pen drive password software also she was the queen of all kings. Forgot Username or Password?

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At first he seems nice to the girls treated the this book was really interesting. Sonia was one of the most respected queens Lady Q until she left to puerto rico because she made the mistake to talk about the life of kings and queens in a talk host show. Jobs and routines of any sort seemed to be shunned by these folks. He was extremely judgmental as if he has forgotten what it was like to have to struggle.

The lack of love in her family made her desperately seek love wherever she could. It was jarring at some points in the book because I could so clearly see it was Reymundo's voice and not her. Sonia came back to Chicago alone And she needed all the help from the latin kings because she was alone.