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This piece is used for the setting of China from Mulan. While it doesn't expand much from its uncomplicated pianowork and light-weight string accompaniment, it works. Double double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble! This is still a good piece by any standard though. Unfortunately, I find this the weaker of the two pieces.

Midiplex Brave Wave Productions. It's a very plain ambient piece that contrasts a fluid piano line and dissonant suspended stings.

Overall, this track is satisfying, compared to the former, but still lacks something. This actually reminds me of Nakano's work in its use of suspended strings and focus on percussion. The musical accompaniment to the world of Tron is one of the most experimental and effective on the score. After the somewhat surprising and out of place synth drone opening, this turns into a great area theme.

Kingdom hearts soundtrack

However, considering that this track is used in a game where Disney characters make appearances, the wacky, goofy I had to say it mood is acceptable, and even pleasing in a way. Well, it does to an extent. In addition, the track is sped up considerably. She really captured the spirit of the music of Tron with the themes related to that movie. Of all her compositions, Shimomura considers the soundtrack to Legend of Mana the one that best expresses herself and the soundtrack remains Shimomura's personal favourite.

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While I appreciate the focus on the piano, I find that the life and vigor found in the opening version is subdued in this version. He seriously is awesome at this, I tell you. There are a few redeeming factors though. Overall, I don't feel the vocals really hurt this track one bit and I find this a wonderful listen, despite the initial freak-out that it was in Japanese. Composer arranger pianist.

KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 & 2.5 ReMIX- Soundtrack BOX (by Yoko Shimomura)

KINGDOM HEARTS -HD & ReMIX- Soundtrack BOX (by Yoko Shimomura)KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 & 2.5 ReMIX- Soundtrack BOX (by Yoko Shimomura)

The enticing introduction contrasts a dynamic and colourful synth line with haunting synth vocals and dissonant chord progressions. They seem too harsh for the track as a whole.

Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections. Now here is where this soundtrack gets tricky. And as such, this seems to be one of the weaker and less exciting battle themes on this soundtrack as well.

Kingdom Hearts II Original Soundtrack

As the stage itself is quite epic, some of that atmosphere is transferred over to this piece, while at the same time, producing a very calming effect. In addition, a lot of the battle themes fit their respected environs well, but out of context lost a lot. The strings produce a fantastic melody helping to convey the sadness in the piece. It just doesn't do for me what some of her older works did. This enriching amicability is presented some very light-hearted and whimsical instrumentation.

Overall, this piece struggles to maintain moderate ground, going from an obnoxious introduction through a brief development section to an empty middle. It's enjoyable to a point, but this track is entirely too long, even before the loop.

The theme exudes the percussive exoticism that the original piece provided and continues with dramatic intent right to its fulfilling end. Let's take this track for example. The Arabian flavor is in full force and I love the violin solo in it. The music itself is very playful, which can be attributed to the use of the woodwinds, and the use of a tuba adds a bit of humor to the piece.

Chain of Memories replaced Ryo Yamazaki of Kingdom Hearts as the synthesizer operator and showed considerably less ability in the area. The first character theme on the soundtrack and, once again, akcent full album mp3 a Kingdom Hearts reprise.

The consequence is the theme sounding less dramatic than the original due to some pathetic-sounding choir synth. This is the battle theme for Timeless River and it essentially ups the tempo from its area theme counterpart. The melody itself is quite epic in nature, and the use of brass in this track, as opposed to the others, seems a bit more refined. In context, it's wonderful. Among the worst offenders was his choral and violin synth.

Overall, a nice track that conveys the necessary chaos and tension extremely well, with pleasant instrumental elements and a rhythmic melody. It does well at holding the Disney villain theme and even if you can't understand the lyrics, you know something sinister is taking place. After this long introduction, the snare drums settle in and other instruments like organ or violin are added. As such, the playfulness of the track is kept. That being said, Riku has probably the most enjoyable and representative character theme of them all.

The rich chorus contrasts greatly with the rhythmic thundering of timpani and the piano, and the power of the theme easily leaves one feeling a bit overwelmed. Led by the piano, its interpretations of the happy-go-lucky melody is accompanied by its own jazz harmonies, gorgeous strings and woodwinds, and, to add the tropical edge, an acoustic guitar. It depicted one of the game's final and darkest dungeons with briskly paced repetition of a single string motif and some fantastical layering on top. This piece is the battle theme for the Underworld. It's still a pleasant listen, but it seems to drag on.

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While the melody and overall feel is a timeless classic, Ishimoto's synth just ruins this track. Perhaps the biggest reason for disappoint is Ishimoto's synth. The violin in particular sounds as it were being played in a particularly large cavern.