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From the Middle Ages onward, all three goddesses are typically depicted nude in art, despite the fact that they were not trying to seduce Paris, and it only fits Aphrodite's character. Shaggy in Velma's body looking up her own skirt too.

Later, when the new main trio gets captured by their enemies, the two females are stripped naked and remain naked for three chapters. First Class also provides the most scantily-clad females in the entire franchise.

After winning the show, Scott and the rest of his group mates relocated to Los Angeles to actively pursue their music career. Several actors from the original series even went public with their complaints.

The bond Scott shares with Mitch has been likened to that of old couples who are still in love. Apart from Pentatonix, dating tips for dating an older man Hoying is also the other half of the duo Superfruit which he formed with his best friend Mitch Grassi.

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Weiss Reacts applies this to a character, mostly for comedic potential. Hilarity Ensues in both cases. We have so many memories together, and I think that we feel more comfortable around each other than we do than around anyone in the entire world. The duo is incredibly popular on Youtube where they remain highly active with their fans.

Certainly, to-day sculptors and painters represent Graces naked. It was still a good series, but it felt odd. Freddy in Daphne's body feels himself. According to a blink-or-you-miss-it piece of paper, Cassie's abusive managers forced her into changing her image and become more sexualized.

It's the same way in the respective manga they're based on. It contains several topless scenes, instances of near full-frontal nudity, and two instances of offscreen sex between Lupin and Fujiko. The Count's portrayal in Bram Stoker's Dracula actually destroyed one potential interpretation of the original novel. The mermaid in the original tale was topless as most mermaids were at the time but is presented non-sexually.

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However, the television series cuts out the sex, but maintains some of the hardcore violence. Cue cries of outrage from fans of the manga. Taryn's outfit in the dream world is even skimpier than her badass leather outfit in the third movie.

Predator is a parody of slasher films. Done in Green Lantern Corps.

The wolf actually turns out to be the former lover of the teenaged Red. Go Nagai is well-known for his risky, borderline hentai titles. However, the original novel had an old and ugly Dracula. Yet it had a bit of a Lighter and Softer appeal to it. However, in the movie, she girlishly bounces out on stage in a puffy white dress.

Comic Books Wildstorm's horribly misjudged ThunderCats revival, which included amongst other things an aged-up but still in their teens Wilykit and Wilykat becoming Mumm-Ra's sex slaves. Arkham Series started the trend of Harley without the hat and in skimpy outfits. In canon, Pyrrha is a Team Mom who quietly nurses her feelings for Jaune.

It didn't start out that way though. The controllers use pheromones to influence Kurt and Jules to have sex in the woods, and for Jules to show her breasts when she wouldn't have otherwise. There's more Male Gaze and some characters such as Blue and Gold are more flirty than most characters in the games. The Dark Reprise has it turning into a striptease.

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Inverted with Glimmer's dress. When They Cry is a murder-mystery involving demons and survival, with some comic relief thrown here and there once in a while. It is completely overused and abused in the anime, to the extent that the writers sacrificed the entire plot and Character Development of the original manga in favour of breast and Panty Shots. The manga only contained one such scene. The movie turned him into a sex crazed maniac and played up the lust in Percy and Annabeth's romance.

Seriously, see for yourself. The Josie and the Pussycats reboot which goes with the reboots uses this trope even more than the other rebooted comics. The Uchi no Musume ni Te o Dasu na! This one was still a shounen manga though and never went beyond being naughty. It features all the overly sexual tendencies that slasher works are known for.

We know each other so well. He maintains a very close relationship with his parents and has a sister named Lauren. Now they consist of a variety of hot, flirtatious women talking about how great Viagra is for making sure that you're Ready for Lovemaking. Superman's facial features have been reworked, making him look more youthful and cute.

Literature This trope has been applied to the periodic table of elements by a female Japanese university professor. Sheriff Mardin was originally an overweight woman in a trenchcoat. It eschews the Barbie Doll Anatomy that previous seasons had and this is immediately shown with the new main female character's Naked First Impression. She rarely appeared without her harlequin costume, her face coated in makeup, or even her hat off. Reversed with the Anime Mezzo Forte.

To prevent backlash, however, Wilma and Betty were not oversexualized, no matter what some fans thought about them. The anime adaptation of Sgt. In the book, she's described as wearing a translucent golden dress. Fan Works Any Lemon can qualify as a more sexually explicit version of the original work, especially if the work it's based on didn't have sex scenes in the first place. The film contains a lot of subtext with several of her scenes.

Basically, Darkness goes from the simple Ecchi to one step short of Hentai! These changes led to an official complaint from actress Heather Thomas and gave the movie a Troubled Production. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein which appropriately enough was a Follow the Leader situation from Bram Stoker's Dracula adds in a passionate sex scene for Victor and Elizabeth's wedding night. Pentatonix has indeed been successful selling millions of records and making its group members millionaires. In the Transformers cartoon, Spike did have some dating issues.

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In the book, he was shy and introverted with self-esteem issues. The former has a comical, but rather racy sex act depicted on-screen, and the latter is full-blown hentai.

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