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Extra packing material for some items does take up more space, but sometimes you do not have any choice. It is best to be set up on-time, but the detailed arranging can be done during the start of the show. This makes putting up the walls fast and easy. This Square reader will read the magnetic strip on the credit card. An artist selling jewelry may get asked if she makes her own jewelry or if her jewelry is produced in China.

While I have never tried this, you could lower the height of your tent during the show if wind is a problem. If I need a longer length, I use two zip ties in which a second zip tie loops on the first one allowing for a longer reach. These locations are mainly art or photography related and customers pick them up.

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White core mats will show a white center that you see in the inside cut beveled edge. For the most part, the customers are very nice and often compliment your artwork. These may be more serious buyers and if you are already set up, they will find you.

You can see a short video showing the protective closure Clearbag here. You want to have enough artwork along the walking path to attract their attention and then explore more inside your booth area to examine more of your product.

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If a piece of artwork has not sold yet, but seems popular, I will keep it around longer. If you feel that many of your customers do not use the internet, then I would definitely have a phone number on the business card. The Caravan tents are also easy to put up. One thing I picked up is that people who are on vacation or traveling seem to be more likely to purchase art. This has the advantage of having the customer requiring a brief personal contact with the artist to receive the card.