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She spoke to me in a low, deep voice. The black stretch pants which seem to go on forever on her long legs were the next to come off. When I was completely naked, she told me to lie back on a pillow and spread my legs wide for her. It was a hot day, as is usual in my country.

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Makes a very good play if you like the setting or have nothing else to play instead. Light reflected on the diamond ring on her left hand.

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They note the possessive demeanor of my new friend as she steered me into the room. Overall nice game with a decent story and good sex.

While in Bible Black you were mostly the active part here the roles are reversed. If you liked the first part this might be for you, otherwise you can easily pass over this one without missing anything special. If you can see past the problems mentioned above this will be quite enjoyable with lots of rabu-rabu situations.

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