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This Mantra allows us to be just like him, and hear and accept only that which is good. Garudaashtottara Shatanaama Stotram.

Srii Rangaraamaanuja Mahaadesikan Sriimushnam Andavan. VishnoH Shodashanaamastotram. Prativaadi Bhayankaram Annan.

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Hayagriiva Ashtottara Shatanama Stotram. This Mantra reminds him that his ultimate goal is salvation, and no matter what happens, he should not lose sight of it. Venkatesha Karaavalamba Stotram.

Giver of many boons, the single tusked Ganesh, intel turbo boost I salute Thee to give e a boon. Lord Ganesha is the epitome of focus and clarity in the midst of a gray world which is full of duality and confusion.

The Shaktivinayak Ganesh mantra is incanted for financial success and prosperity. Aakaashanagariisha Mangalam. Ganesha has no comparison. The Rinn harta mantra or the Rhinaharta mantra is the Lord Ganesha mantra for wealth and prosperity in life as Lord Ganesha is requested to keep debts and poverty away and bring abundance in life. Ganesh chaturthi pooja Vidhi.

Jambuupuranivaasa Sriinivaasa Stotram. It means bowing down to the Almighty Ganpati with all our existence and accepting all his great qualities in our self being.

Lord Ganesh SlokasDevotional Slokas Mp3 Free Download - Mp3Take

Lord Ganesh Slokas

Sriivanshatakopa Vedantadeshika yatiindra mahaadeshikan. Sudarshanashtakam click here for the older version. If one is facing problems with his social life, at work or with interpersonal relationships, it can be made easier by chanting this mantra. Runavimochana Nrisimhastotram. Ganpati shall not only reward his efforts but accelerate his progress and help him become a better person in life.

Please visit our home with prosperous things and be seated here. Mattapalli Mangalaashtakam. Guruvaatapuriisha Pancharatnam. Ekadanta referring to one tusk in the elephant face means that God broke the duality and made us to have a complete one-pointed mind. Sriivanshatakopa Sriinivasanigamaanta yatiindra mahaadeshikan.

Sriivanshatakopa Sriisriinivaasa yatiindra mahaadeshikan. Ayya Kumaarataatadeshika Mangalam.

Krishna Dvaadashanaama stotram. Dear father Ganapati, I request you to come back to me. This Ganpati Mantra will keep his eyes on this long-term goal and motivate him towards salvation. Aakaashanagariisha Prapatti.

Easy way to take and get it music free Devotional Slokas mp3 download

Prativadi Bhayankaram Annan. Chanting of this mantra ensures success in all the new ventures that one wishes to undertake. Govindadaamodarastotram laghu.

Collection of Ganesh Mantra

Mantra is a sacred phrase repeated several times while offering prayer to the deity and slokas are Sanskrit verses comprising of sixteen lines. Ghatikaachala Hanumat Stotram. It is believed that His mantras, when recited with genuine devotion, give positive results. Shubh and Labh are personification of auspiciousness and profit respectively.

Collection of Ganesh Mantra

Sloka collections

Representations of Ganesha show wide variations and distinct patterns changing over time. Slokadvayam Slokatrayam ca.

Various Ganesh mantra and slokas are chanted while performing the rituals of this festival and they form an integral part of Ganesh worship. Lord Ganesh Slokas Lord Ganesh is the most powerful of all the gods. This Sanskrit Ganesha mantra is recited times in the proper way to achieve peace, prosperity and Siddhi Achievement of spiritual enlightenment, material fulfillment and strong social influence.

Ganesh Slokas Mp3 Free Download - Mp3Take