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Most all of the train routes that you are going to learn about connect in some way to other forms of public transit, like buses. Perhaps you want to line up a sizzling encounter for your upcoming trip out of town. This train is the only line that carries guys from the famous suburb of Oak Park, which is best known for its Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. Wherever you are going, don't leave without knowing where to go and who to meet. First, the entire mass transportation system in the windy city, including the trains, is run by the Chicago Transportation Authority.

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It was incredibly refreshing to meet people in real life, for once. Join them as they head into work to clock in.

If you have ever used public transit aka a train in a major city, you probably already know that some of the men on those cars can be hotter than the devil with a fever. If you learn anything from me at all, it's that you should always dress how you want to feel, not how you actually feel. Because this train winds through the loop and stops at a major tourist destination, the best time to ride is anytime Monday through Friday.

Although I have no plans to meet with any of the men from my speed-dating event, I'm glad I went. Because I know you are eager to find out about the handsome dudes riding these trains, I am going to skip ahead now to and provide some basic information on the rail system.

That's how I imagine this gentleman felt, except that instead of being the smartest man in the room, he was the best-looking. As you can probably guess. There is nothing speedy about speed dating. Belmont is also a transfer point to other trains, like the Red Line train mentioned earlier. Alas, despite my greatest efforts, I was not a very convincing top.

The Orange Line is usually hopping all of the time but if you are looking to meet blue collar hotties, try early mornings when the construction workers are traveling towards downtown. Here, we are talking about guys from Europe, the Ukraine, Asia, South America and everywhere else in between. If you are going from the Loop towards Midway Airport, you absolutely are going to see a lot of hot men.

The hotties you will see on this train run the ethnic gambit with many of them arriving from places all over the world. Many of the dudes you will see on this route are grabbing a quick commuter downtown or catching a ride to a ballgame. Lots to see here for sure. These trains can get very crowded, which depending on your mindset may not be such a bad thing.