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Both male and female green iguanas can store fat under their jaws and in their necks for times when there is not much food available. They spend most of their time high in the forest canopy, about feet above the ground. Male iguanas can raise their dewlap to appear bigger than they really are, either to intimidate predators, or to impressive females.

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In addition, some local populations of South America hunt the green iguana for food. The wildlife commission has begun holding workshops to train homeowners and property managers to trap or manage iguanas. Therefore, it is essential to rinse the wound vigorously, wash it with hot, soapy water, and then seek medical attention when iguanas bite.

Iguanas are diurnal, meaning that they are awake during the day. When assessing a situation, they will stand up on their front legs, lean forward to judge the distance, and bob their head to make them selves appear larger. Iguana bites generally require stitches. Green iguana skin is very water resistant, and tough to avoid cuts and scratches.

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Green iguanas are omnivorous, so they eat both plants and meat. Wave a rubbing alcohol soaked tissue or cloth in front of their nose, or use an alcohol sold in drug stores, usually with the diabetic supplies. Usually harmless, they are often found basking in the sun on lawns. Green iguanas have good senses of hearing and smell, and superb vision. Unfortunately, these laws are not enforced very well.