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The district attorney's office and the attorney general, declined. They would have to have been wearing a full rubber suit or some type of space suit and levitated over the scene. Four days after Sheriff Gore's press conference, Dr. Attorney Bremner, pursuant to the family's quest to have the case re-investigated, asked the San Diego County District Attorney and the state Attorney General to get involved. But, to their dismay, their petition was declined.

Deputies from the San Diego Sheriff's Office found the dead woman lying on the back lawn of the mansion. Jonah Shacknai was at the hospital with Max two days later when his brother told him over the phone that Zahau had killed herself.

Kobilnsky said he believed that someone had delivered a substantial blow to Zahau's head. Because Zahau's cell phone was a newer model that investigators were not familiar with, they had previously been unsure what software they could use to accomplish this task. Rebecca loved God, her family and life. Investigators believed that the boy tripped while running, grabbed a chandelier, hit his back on the banister, and fell to his death.

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Only she and Adam Shacknai were staying at the mansion the night she died. Zahau-Loehner claimed that the relationship between Dina Shacknai and Rebecca Zahau was not friendly. The Zahaus challenge suicide finding Police closed the Zahau case, ruling it a suicide, but questions linger about the case. The medical examiner offered no explanation for the presence of the tape residue.

At the time, Rebecca Zahau was dating his brother, Jonah Shacknai, a pharmaceutical tycoon who owned the mansion. Wecht, Zahau could have been knocked unconscious, which would explain why her body did not have any defense wounds from a struggle. Instead, they tried to determine whether forensic software was available which would allow them to examine that model of phone.

Her ankles were also tied together with a piece of the red cordage. Jonah Shacknai was not named in the lawsuit. Mary Zahau-Loehner stated that police told her it was from Jonah Shacknai.

The crime scene left both families in shock and the San Diego Sheriff's Department puzzled. Her hands were bound behind her back with a length of red rope. They did not believe the wounds on his head had been caused by the fall.

The lawsuit claimed an eyewitness had alleged that a woman matching Dina Shacknai's description had approached the mansion on the night before Rebecca Zahau's death. Max, while running down an elevated hallway or balcony above the lobby-like entrance to the house, had gone over the banister. Wecht said the four hemorrhages beneath the scalp could not have been caused by hanging. According to one of Zahau's sisters, a nurse practitioner who had spoken to her almost every day, Rebecca had no psychiatric history, and had never attempted suicide.

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