Demi lovato dating 31

Demi lovato dating 31

She is self-centered, but also talented and has a soft side. As seen in further episodes, all of her co-stars are very fond of her. However, after a while, the two become best friends. She has a similar personality to Chad. In addition, in the same episode, when Chad and Sonny were fake dating, Chad said to put her head on his shoulder hinting that he likes her.

She originally feared Sonny was moving in on her spotlight and acted meanly towards the newcomer. Many fans assume that in a parallel universe the two will become a couple again, even though Demi Lovato left the show. She is very smart, mysterious, crazy and clever.

Many fans assumeShe originally feared

Grady is always involved in strange plans with Nico. Originally Lovato auditioned with Bridgit Mendler for the role, but Lovato was chosen. She appeared sporadically throughout the second season.

He is stubborn, egotistical, pampered, and self-centered, but he has a soft side, which he usually only shows to Sonny. She often pops out of nowhere, surprising her friends. Chad tries to cover it up by saying he just wanted to try on the beard that went along with the Eric costume. It is shown that he still has feelings for Sonny in the episode after they split. He is said to have been discovered in a one-man band.