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After a winding engagement, starting with her not telling him about her father's sexual abuse towards her and the return of his presumed dead wife Hope, Billie and Bo got married. Shawn and Belle initially fled to Canada and ended up on a boat after Philip tracked them down. Claire was safely returned to Salem, and Belle moved forward with Shawn, who proposed marriage to her. The key was for a safe deposit box and as it turns out, was a joint box that Alice had with Stefano.

Bo decided to stay a bit longer when Hope and Ciara went home. Belle and Shawn found her in Ireland. Belle didn't want him near her initially, especially after learning of his relationship with Willow, a former prostitute.

Bo is treading on dangerous territory. To cope with the stress, Hope began taking sleeping pills.

The bank statements showed that Alice had a secret bank account. While there, Belle told her parents that she and Shawn were planning to divorce because she'd been unfaitheful to Shawn while they were living in Maine. The time on the run, had pushed Bo and Hope back together.

Eventually, the truth about Belle's paternity was revealed, and Roman and Marlena's marriage fell apart. When Bo returned, he resumed his relationship with Carly. They landed on a deserted island, and Claire became very ill. Their information lead them to the warehouse where the found Arnold.

However, before he could present her with divorce papers, he found out Alice was dying and decided to hold off. In January he had a vision of Hope shooting Kayla. Bo was uncomfortable with the age difference, but supported his daughter. During the celebration, Hope ran back to Alice's house to pick something up. Colleen knew Stefano was after her because she was his father's mistress many years ago.

The entire Brady family was devastated by her death. But budget cuts at the police department would force Hope and Bo to take pay cuts. Too bad she was engaged to Larry Welch.

She sought out Bo as he was one of the only people she trusted. He refused at first, claiming that they would be opening Pandora's Box. Then moved back in together and Hope rejoined the police force. Their investigation into the DiMeras wasn't the only thing that Bo and Hope had on their minds. Bo and Billie began searching for the teenager, and learned that she had been adopted and was living right in Salem.

He arranged for her to have driver's lessons, and when she told him how great her instructor said she was, he agreed to let her have the car on New Year's Eve. After she was shot, both sides decided to end the violence. Kayla recovered from the shooting. Inside was a marriage certificate for John and Hope.

When Bo returnedEventually the truth about Belle's paternity