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Dating tichnor bros postcards and polaroids

While the production of C. The process was known as photocroms or later Aac, and it permitted the mass production of postcards. Sometimes the name of both firms will appear on the card, and sometimes only the contract publisher. Some of their cards were issued in larger than standard sizes. Their Opalette Series was one of their more unusual though similar to other real photo cards with oval borders manufactured in England on bromide paper.

This firm later went on to produce photochromes. In later years his photographs were use to make photochromes under the trade name Taylorchrome.

Dating tichnor bros postcards. Stamp boxes on printed cards also offer dating clues. Printed as a black halftone over two tints, one neutral and one warm.

About these photographic images began being published as postcards. Postcards dating printing tichnor bros.

They are most famous for publishing cards for the King and Queen of England. After they closed and reopened a number of times under different names. In with the founding of Mount Rainier National Park their business greatly grew with the influx of tourists.

Historical Society's Postcard Collection contains postcards dating circa to. Many of his scenes were published by the Jordan Pond House. The Tanner cards are labeled with a very cursive font. These cards tend to have a more simple grain and heavier retouching than those from other publishers that use this technique. He would start his own firm in concentrating on newspaper and magazine printing.

Stamp boxes on printed cards

The name of the publisher is located on the back of the postcard usually vertically written on the left side. They also published a Comic Series. Their German made cards were manufactured in a variety of techniques.

Printed as a black halftone over a solid fawn tint. It is part of The Tichnor Borthers Collection.

Dating tichnor bros