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Dating someone in investment banking

You have chosen a difficult and precarious path fraught with danger, albeit livened up with nice holidays and meals in expensive restaurants. And when he is there, he's still working.

You can't impose

If you are dating an investment banker and you are also an investment banker in the same firm, observe the policies of your company about disclosing your relationship. They won't have the same sympathy and support that a girlfriend will.

Many male analysts graduate college still in a serious relationship that they intend to continue into their first year of banking. Be there to bolster a fragile ego Trading, especially, can take its toll on the ego - especially when things are going wrong.

Bankers are romantic in absentia A banking boyfriend may send a giant bouquet to the office, but this does not mean he will ever manifest in person. It's all about what kind of relationship you have.

You can't impose any boundaries - it doesn't work like that. In a post-recession climate it may be hard for anyone to pay an extravagant tab, so do not place expectations that you would not want placed on yourself.

In a postrecession climate it