The whole body may go into spasms

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Get ready to talk and yes, laugh a lot too. Close human contact provided the conditions in which infestations spread unchecked. This phrase was often used in conjunction with dementia or senility to indicate a disruption in the thinking processes or a deterioration in the nervous system.

This improvement also extended the life expectancy. The person you are searching may have died in the pest house. Epilepsy Falling sickness, convulsions, fits or Jackson's March are the antiquated terms for Epilepsy in any of it's forms. It would be hard to say exactly what the mental illness was.

This led, in part, to large families as the norm. The progressive wasting and emaciation of the individual gave rise to the term consumption. People dehydrated quickly and there was no effective means to rehydrate them.

Cholera Infantum is distinct from the epidemic Cholera described above. This is a very general term meaning exhalations or emanations, applied especially to those of noxious or toxic character. The second most common cause of death was the cluster of diarrheal diseases such as cholera and typhoid. So many people were affected during the Swine Flu Epidemic that whole families were often wiped out.

This condition was often seen following infections of the respiratory tract by the strep germ. Digitalis purpura or purple foxglove is found growing wild in the woods and is grown as an ornamental perennial in gardens. Diphtheria was also call putrid fever or thyphus diptheria. Surgical intervention was also a leading cause of puerperal fever.

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They wasted away due to dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea. March was the month wherein most cases occurred. The illness is marked by great exhaustion, fever, headache and abdominal pains.

She is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a concentration in American History. Especially an advanced case that can be seen on the muscles of the neck near the jaw. It is in proximity to the former ex-Partridge Creek clubhouse.

Its highest incidence occurred during the Civil War. The Gripp or Le Grippe Essentially the flu or influenza. What we commonly now call strep throat. Cholera was variously referred to as Cholera Morbus, Choleric Fever or Dysentery on death certificates.