She has a variety of winter hats

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Apparently Nathan is the first characterEmmet Stratford

She's an unlockable character. She instead lets Naomi stay dead so Vincent can get with Alexa.

Although Nathan deals with fixing and making clocks, he's unable to fix it. Even when she tries to be a good person and avoid causing mayhem, she'll frequently crash into cars or run over people by accident. Oz- an android with an artifical intelligence.

Emmet Stratford - Cole's great grandfather. Apparently, Nathan is the first character of Pacthesis's that has glasses and isn't shy and bashful. The world ending may have been an issue.

This was later replaced with bandages because Pacthesis found it strange to include both Nathan and Emmet with glasses. She'll now be working as a model and singer in the big city, managing a successful career. Originally, Emmet wasn't supposed to be datable. The game involves of a female character called Saige who can travel directly into the past, prior years ago. There has been a hole in the sky that teddy's brother Landon had been researching about.

Nathan appears, asking if it's a friend of Saige's but Teddy takes it the wrong way and instantly sends her back. She's surprised to see Teddy with a different hair colour and goggles. From then on, time-jumping between the two eras becomes available. The original six characters created. Apparently, Cole is the first handicap character Pacthesis has drawn.