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These files, plus several historical delivery schedules, were still in the company's archives. The ability of the dancer including the jumping height and the confidence. Even so, in competitions, the Highland Reel dancers are judged individually. Leeds detectives also discovered that, on his regular deliveries to Morley, Black often slept in his van overnight in the premises to which he delivered, which was close to Sarah Harper's home. Timing concerns the ability of the dancer to follow the rhythm of the music.

The dancers are then ranked from most to least points, and medals and points are given based on the number of dancers in the class. Slowly consistency of steps was achieved, and dancing-specific organisations were established. Each dance comprises a number of steps, which may be numbered or worded. If his feet knocked against the swords, he would be wounded in battle. The absence of clothing again suggested a sexual motive.

While some elements may be centuries old, other elements are much more modern. During the delay they whistled a highland tune and began to improvise a dance. Female dancers wear blouses with vests or jackets.

As her would-be abductor wrestled her to his van, Thornhill squeezed his testicles, causing him to loosen his grasp sufficiently enough for her to bite into his right forearm. Performed in a British sailor's uniform, its name derives from the accompanying instrument, the hornpipe.

They are mentioned in a number of sources, usually military, and may have been performed in a variety of different forms, practiced by two performers in a duelling form, or as a solo routine. Bringing up the rear was a figure regarding whom it was difficult to decide whether it was a man or an apparition. From the age of eight he would regularly insert objects in his own anus, a practice he carried into adulthood. Some of the National dances were preserved and taught by dance masters such as D. For example, on the date of Sarah Harper's disappearance, Black had been scheduled to make a series of deliveries across the Midlands and Northern England.

Juvenile, Junior and Adult. For any mistakes, poor execution, etc. Black's intention had been to quickly make a final scheduled delivery to Galashiels before further abusing and almost certainly killing his victim. The dancer is wearing the Aboyne dress for females. As this was not expressly forbidden, she was allowed to enter.

Forms of sword dancing are

Forms of sword dancing are also attested in the late Medieval period. The scoring system for these competitions begins with each dancer starting with points.