Divorce is very rare in Colombia

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Your eight year old asks why people have to die. You will likely meet women who have never met an American man.

You should also visit her home and see how she lives, and if you see things that would not be acceptable for your own home, discuss this. Twice a week your five year old wakes up in the middle of the night and calls for you. Facebook profiles and the like can create jealousy, suspicions, mistrust, and snooping.

You should be cautious of women who take phone calls while you are on a date and excuse themselves, or women who ignore phone calls, or women not open to discuss who was on the phone. Your thirteen year old comes home with his breath and clothes smelling of cigarettes. The movements are very simple and surprisingly most Colombians unknowingly dance off rhythm, as do most people everywhere. Very few Colombian women have formal dance experience or access to a talented teaching pool as you have in the United States.

Since Colombia life for many is a day-to-day struggle, a future orientation is often overlooked. Describe your perfect mate in one sentence. If you try to leave he cries and screams, or comes running into your room. Your two year old throws a small hard object across the room, in your general direction. Many Hispanic women going to the U.

They may believe they got sick because it rained or that watering the garden after ironing caused an illness or that entering an air-conditioned room after being outside on a hot day made them sick. Your four year old throws a ball across the living room and breaks something on your shelf. Infidelity is rather high in Latin culture. While Colombian women are generally happy, I believe there are a higher percentage of women that who are mentally unstable than in the U.

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