Dating personal trainers

Dating personal trainers

Depending on your place of employment, it is usually inappropriate to make such public exhibitions as an employee of a gym. For some, personal trainer client dating is a practice that may also open the floodgates of suspicion if any accusations should arise.

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In this day and age, it is not unusual for personal trainer client dating issues to arise in the workplace. While some trainers make it an absolute rule not to cross the line into personal trainer client dating territory, others toy with the idea of mixing business with pleasure. When demonstrating a new strength-training exercise or spotting an increase in weight lifting, physical contact may occur. On an ethical standpoint, some discourage personal trainer client dating because they view the act as taking advantage of a job position that sometimes places participants in vulnerable situations.

You never know when a client will turn into a jealous admirer filled with insecurity, as you work with another they may label as competition. This is one of the only times that legal concerns present themselves regarding this type of relationship building on the job. When crossing the line with a client, you may face job loss or receive reprimand for your actions. You never know when the right man or woman turns out to be the one that will take your career in the wrong direction. If you come on too strong, a client may feel offended, violated, or embarrassed.

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