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Hunt Pottery William Hunt, of Columbus, Ohio, is a studio potter who works in earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. Often found with drip glazes during the mid-century modern era, this company produced ashtrays, cookie jars, vases and a few figurines.

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McMaster used red clay and a drip glaze much like Blue Mountain starting in the s. Chohlidakis Originals David Chohlidakis is a contemporary Texas pottery from Devine who makes wheel-thrown pottery under the Chohlidakis Originals name. Blue Ridge used different marks during this time, sometimes lines of script with the Southern Potteries and Blue Ridge names and sometimes a round mark with a pine tree. Starting business in Ohio in the s, this company opened the Newell, W. Maddux operated in Los Angeles in the late s and early s.

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In addition to making pots for sale, Alan and Nancy maintain a gallery that promotes other local artisans. Goss Vermont Pottery used interesting speckled glazes on much of their wares.

Blue Mountain pottery isn't often marked, but drip glaze on red clay helps with identification. Carmel Pottery We don't know much about Carmel Pottery. California Originals California Originals pottery was located in Torrance, California, and the pottery is often marked Calif. Hagen-Renaker is known for miniatures with colored slip clay.

Virginia Rose china patterns. Learn more about Metlox Pottery history at Replacements Ltd. Lenox China Lenox was first known for belleek, thin fine porcelain with a pearl glaze.