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Arnold as its first president. Obermayer Collection of Jewish ritual art. The society owed its existence to Isaac Leeser. Jacob de Solis-Cohen, Lewis W.

Data relating to the earlier Jewish charitable organizations are very meager. Max Herzberg is president. The majestic bronze-and-enamel doors of the Torah ark grace the bimah. Part of their business consisted of the importation of slaves.

Obermayer Collection of Jewish

The roll of Jewish officers, Philadelphians, who served with distinction during the Civil war includes the names of Morris J. The home was moved in to Mill street, Germantown, its present quarters. Dropsie, Simon Sterne, Stephen S. There is also an exhibit in the lobby. There are several Jewish social organizations.

Morais, Milton Goldsmith, Leo S. On the block of Lombard Street alone there were five sweatshops. Dropsie and Isidore Binswanger acted successively as president of the college. Dropsie was president of the board of trustees.

Arnold as its first president