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Chill Intolerance In frost-free areas gumamela grows and flowers all year. Its flowers are solitary, axillary, and quite huge which extends its length to about ten centimeters, and twelve centimeters in diameter. Some people might develop allergic reactions such as itchy red eyes, sinus, or hay fever when consuming hibiscus tea.

Pruning early in the growing season encourages a new flush of growth followed by abundant flowers. The flower usually consists of five petals which form a bell shape. This is where the flower produces its eggs. Mealybug infestations are easy to spot as its clearly visible as a distinct white cottony infestation on buds, leaves or even stems. If the eggs are fertilized by the pollen, they develop into seeds that propagate the species.

Pruning Possibilities Prune gumamela shrubs in

Pruning Possibilities Prune gumamela shrubs in late winter or early spring. This helps the body to maintain a balanced hormonal level helping it in regulating a proper menstrual cycle. Gumamela or Hibiscus are known for their large, colorful flowers that make a decorative addition to a home or garden. If the flower is worn on the right, she is single or openly available for a relationship. It is these grains that fertilize the female parts of the hibiscus flower.

Some refer to it as roselle, a common name for the hibiscus flower. This shrub responds well to hard pruning.