That's an important thing to me

Dating brittany france

Brittany is a popular choice for second-homers, retirees and expats wanting to start a new life in France. Life is too short to be alone. Very busy travelling lifestyle makes meeting people difficult at times.

It's easy to see the attraction of coming to live in Brittany. While it doesn't have the scorching hot temperatures enjoyed further south, it's sunny and warm if windy and rarely snows. Laughing is important and healthy. You have to know in your heart that everything happens for a reason and everyone comes into your life for a reason. That's an important thing to me.

Life is too short to be

There's plenty to enjoy inland with weekly markets, beautiful countryside, castles, megaliths, and properties like traditional Breton farmhouses, which have far more land. You may get hurt or you may find the love of your life, but no matter what, you'll learn about yourself and your partner throughout the process. It is wonderful to have someone by your side to love and be loved in return. Happy to chat on any subject, feel free to ask me anything. My passion is flying aeroplanes for a job and for pleasure.

Brittany is a popular choiceVery busy travelling lifestyle makes