The examiner of the case, Dr

Dating bloodstains with fluorescence lifetime measurements of mattresses

One way to overcome some of the problems might be to combine readings from several different fluorescent molecules. Consequently, we expected that the time-related degradation of proteins in blood would reflect the blood age. However, he raises concerns about the robustness of the technique. We show that the intrinsic fluorescence lifetime quickly and reliably reports the blood age.

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Several days later, a year old man, her friend and alleged lover, was arrested. One of the wounds divided the temporal artery, resulting in a large discharge of blood. But then a new type of laser became available, with a wavelength of nm. These excitations contaminate the tryptophan decay kinetics and thus complicate the lifetime data analysis.

As the environment changes and the proteins age, the fluorescence lifetime decreases. If that can be done, the technique would have several advantages. Numerous small spots of blood were found on his shirt. The examiner of the case, Dr.

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Herein, we demonstrate a novel method for bloodstain dating based on the fluorescence lifetime of blood.