Dating a sniper

Dating a sniper

Its appearance is

Some owners feel the cheek pad is not high enough to adequately attain a rigid cheek weld and have to make do with a chin weld. The simplicity of the rifle makes it ideal for soldiers to use and maintain. They are frequently encountered in Iraq where they appear to be quite popular. The Warsaw Pact mount has a castle nut that screws into the bottom of the locking lever.

In theory, a rubber stock extender is to be fitted during the hot Romanian summer, but one is not issued with the rifle. The scope's reticle pattern is easy to use and makes range estimation quick and reasonably accurate without any mathematical calculations necessary. If you are still playing and the servers are still busy, the time will be extended. This is because Romanian soldiers active during the Winter often operate in very cold climates and wear thick winter coats while on duty. The cheek riser on the comb of the stock is angled to benefit the right-handed shooter primarily.

The spring-loaded portion of the clamp has to be pressed down to tighten or loosen the castle nut as needed. When the rifle is fired this helps reduce the felt recoil to a degree.

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