Join a choir or take a music class

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Maintaining distance allows you to have a limited but better relationship with the Narc parent. Mothers can also be narcissistic but I am focusing on the fathers in this post. This will serve you well when you meet someone who is single and who has the qualities you like.

You say that not many people are interested in your passions. It leaves terrible consequences on the mental health of the victim and it renders them unable to recognize it. In this state, the victim is prone to develop extreme social anxiety, illnesses related to pervasive stress, a complete sense of disassociation from the self, and symptoms of major depression. It makes it easy for you to catch on.

The truth is, most narcissists prefer their darkness, and they want to pull you in it. Find something to love in their face, in what they are wearing, in how they hold their head, the neat penmanship on the cover of their notebook. You are practicing figuring out what makes you like someone. Give yourself a few months of trying new stuff and saying yes to social invitations and see if that shakes anything loose.

Find something to love in

The Narc father can be extremely charming and fun. The one thing these people have in common is they all idolize, look up to and believe everything the Narcissist tells them. Congratulate yourself for showing up and trying.

Pretty much means my social skills are shit. Narcissists often express love with money.

Or you could straight up ask them what words they think of when they think of you. Then, you grow up and learn to be cautious. He has a constant belief that others envy him.

Allow them to make mistakes. Something you are not already good at.

The truth is most narcissists prefer

Humans needed it to survive in the harsh and unpredictable environment they lived in. If you need to negotiate something with your narc parent always begin with how it will benefit them. If you are having fun, find local bar or cafe and stay up late talking and then eat more tacos or tamales or whatever. Parenting after divorce becomes a popularity contest for the Narc.

Take a class in something like cooking, metalsmithing, jewelry making, pottery, or other applied or studio art. Work on a political campaign or cause that speaks to you.

It is common to hear the Narc speak of himself as the victim. It is okay if, after a few exchanges, you decide that she is not for you. Every decision they make is questioned by the Narc father.