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Darwin set off immediately for Shrewsbury. He returned on a road along the northern shore, then crossed the central part of the island on the way back to the Beagle. Darwin went to pay a visit to Sir John Herschel. Here she was used to house members of the land-based coastguard.

Helena Island where they remain for five days. Darwin had an elderly man as a guide and they took long walks every day. An immediate pandemonium of delight broke out all over the house. FitzRoy was concern that he may have taken faulty measurements at San Salvador so he ordered the Beagle on a detour back to South America.

The next morning he strolled into the dining room while his father and sisters were having breakfast. She was stripped of her masts and rigging and refitted to house the guard. While the Beagle was out making corrections, Darwin took many walks in the tropical forests. He arrived late at night and had difficulty finding lodging, eventually finding a room at a boarding house. After the house quieted down Darwin spent the day writing letters to all his friends and relatives.

The recycling of ship names was standard practice in the Royal Navy. The days ride was not very productive to a naturalist. They took cocoa-nuts, pigs, poultry, pumpkins, and turtles on board for food. He explored Direction Island for a few days, but found nothing but cocoa-nut trees and coral strewn beaches.

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The landscape was rather bleak. By now the entire crew was very anxious to get back to England. They had many conversations about volcanoes, earthquakes, the movement of continents, the origin of mankind and how new species came into being. This has not been confirmed, however. Nearly all the species of plants have been introduced from England.

The only inhabitants of the islands were Malays and a few English families. Michael's for letters, then sailed for England. It was essentially a giant mountain of rocky lava rock in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, except inland where the scenery was more akin to the landscape of Wales. They put in at Port Refuge, then sailed to Direction Island under very high winds. The island was inhabited entirely by British marines and a few liberated Africans from slave ships.

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William Keeling in they are now called the Cocos Islands. These islands are composed entirely of coral and Darwin surmised that they were once part of a large submerged coral reef. By this time the Beagle was in very poor shape and was no longer considered useful to the British Royal Navy.

She would, along with many other ships, help prevent the smuggling of various goods so common in that area at the time. He described the island as a desolate place. He also theorized that plant seeds must have migrated across the oceans to these islands. The mistaken rumor that Darwin's Beagle was sold to Japan stems from this series of events.