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When we're all refreshed, we'll go and smash an album. The album was announced after McFly confirmed that they had left Island Records as they were unhappy with some of the decisions that the label was making for them. We've never really had this time off, so we'll give it a few months and see how we feel. They performed the same set list as for their Greatest Hits tour. Danny Jones has since then written numerous songs for his band.

He has a sister named Vicky. McFly's return is still in doubt, with Fletcher working on a feature-length film and regularly writing new books. Jones is said to be launching solo music and has had a new born son. He has not posted on his Instagram account. McBusted has been amazing fun, but it's not where our passion is.

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They later became close friends and started writing songs together. In the McBusted biography by Jennifer Parker it was hinted that the sixth album was abandoned in favour of the debut album of McBusted. So we're playing some iconic rock venues that will allow our fans to experience the songs in a much more up close and personal environment. The band made a mini minute-long movie titled Nowhere Left to Run which featured a vampire theme along with a sex scene involving Judd. This track marked the first time Jones was credited as the producer of any McFly-penned song for the group, with this trait continuing for later songs.

McFly have been on several writing trips for the writing stage of this album and have worked with Matt Willis and James Bourne in writing. It featured special guests, comedy sketches and the band performing their hit songs. His net worth is unavailable at the moment.

Danny has never landed in any major controversies till now. Danny Jones social media profile Danny Jones is active on the social media. Those tour dates are now completed and it is unknown whether Poynter will play with them again.

His band McFly has won numerous awards for their work in the field of music. He received his education from Thornleigh Salesian College.

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It's really nice to see that bands are taking influence from what you do. They've been so successful because they've managed to be themselves from the start. They're the biggest band in the world right now.

He k followers on his Twitter. The duo was then struck with an idea of forming a band and they started auditioning musicians for their band. The album could possibly feature Bourne and Willis. Due to huge demand, two extra dates were announced.