After this, Sara left Daniel

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His roommate, Tyler appeared suddenly, making himself a guest at the Grayson home. Emily arrived to help, and she and Nate struggled over the gun.

Javier had a brief relationship with Charlotte and was hired by Daniel and Margaux to develop the MyClone app. Daniel and Charlotte also dislike him, but they grudgingly accept him into their lives as time goes on.

He keeps a distance from Emily, who is suffering amnesia from the fall off the yacht. Amanda shot Nate in the back, but Nate triggered an explosion, killing himself and Amanda. Margaux paid Lyman to get information on Emily.

Six years later, Helen Crowley coerces Aiden into dispatching Victoria with old video footage of Colleen, but when he fails to comply with the demand he receives a video depicting his sister's death. She planned to recover the money that her David stole from her father. With no other option, Murphy goes to Emily in order to obtain evidence against Victoria, and tries to kill her once she hands it over, only to be killed by Aiden Mathis.

The letters revealed the existence of Victoria's firstborn son, Patrick Harper. He fires the servants after Emily leaks Sara's sleepover to one of them, and tells Emily that he will continue to fight her until she leaves.

After they got married they planned to live in Paris - much to Victoria's horror. He accepted, even after Margaux tried to seduce him, but he asked her to move his headquarters so he can be close to his family. She is later revealed to be working with Helen Crowley to retrieve Carrion, one of Nolan's early projects, for the Initiative. Uncertain about her baby's paternity due to a one-night stand after leaving the Hamptons, Amanda asks Emily to ensure that the paternity test names Jack as the father.

Conrad's lawyer in his

And when catastrophe strikes the public spends money, lots of it. Eventually, Nolan discovers this and he along with Emily and Aiden decide to help Padma.

He was fired after Nolan sabotaged the app and left the Hamptons soon after. Duress Daniel proposes to Emily. Emily responds by ruining his relationship with Sara - she brings Sara's mother Loretta to the Manor, and Loretta is so disgusted by Sara's behavior that she disowns her, which has Sara wanting out. He attempts to network with the business elite in the Hamptons and briefly dates Ashley Davenport, but for several episodes maintains a sexual affair with Nolan.

Pounder as Warden Sharon Stiles, Emily's former warden in juvenile detention. Conrad's lawyer in his divorce from Victoria. Nolan makes a move on him, but Patrick, having been warned about Nolan by Victoria and his ex-wife, rejects him. She became Daniel's mistress when she learned Emily had faked a pregnancy, but after an argument with her mother, she left Daniel for good.

But Victoria hired her for Emily's Bridal Shower and when she saw how obsesive Victoria was with breaking up Daniel and Emily, she decided to leave their relationship alone. He made a deal with Conrad that was thwarted by Amanda.

Pounder as Warden Sharon Stiles