Petersburg's first grand prix

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After four hours of driving, with two laps to go, Dan was still behind. He would get groceries with Susie and the boys, go get their hair cut. She waited until her son revved the engine, then stepped aside. She named the shop after Dan's favorite band, Verve. Susie slid the chest protector over his head, to keep his lungs from being crushed.

She watched from the pit box, listened on the radio. But Wheldon felt he was up for the challenge. Everything was going to be all right. Susie tries not to dwell on questions of what if or why. They were introduced at a photo shoot for Jim Beam whiskey.

Susie walked over to his car and bent to kiss him before he put on his helmet. After he lowered the visor, she kissed the spot in front of his mouth.

After four hours

Cin, who is Susie's closest friend, tried to help her through the aftermath. He was the first driver ever to win the Indy while only leading the last lap. He kept a Lamborghini in the garage, but drove his Honda Fit to the gym. She had to figure out who she was without Dan. Street, with double doors and wide windows.

The schedule has yet to be released, although Bernard hoped to have it out by Friday. She called a friend whose clothing company had sponsored Dan, called another who worked at Nordstrom. So she followed him to Florida, helped him build a house on Snell Isle and manage his new-found stardom. His coach promoted him to the next level of racing, bigger engines, speeds twice as fast. Sebastian is small for his age, still has all his baby teeth.

He would get groceries with Susie