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In most of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the Liberal Party dominated Welsh politics with the industrial regions supporting the Socialists. Welsh rabbit, also called Welsh rarebit, a dish of melted cheese mixed with ale, beer, milk, and spices served over toast, has been popular since the early eighteenth century.

At the same time, many Welsh people from rural areas left to find work in London or abroad. The decline of heavy industry in the late nineteenth century, however, caused an outward migration of Welsh and the country ceased to attract immigrants.

Since Yiddish was spoken by Jews all over Europe, accents and inflexions varied greatly. Mining is an important industry in Wales.

Conflicts in leadership and chronic poverty made church growth difficult, but the popularity of Methodism eventually helped establish it permanently as the most widespread denomination. Rural areas are characterized by a scattering of isolated farms, typically consisting of the older, traditional whitewashed or stone buildings, usually with slate roofs.

If you're ever in Brighton Beach, visit Mrs. David, the patron saint of Wales, was a religious crusader who arrived in Wales in the sixth century to spread Christianity and convert the Welsh tribes. For the first time in its history Wales obtained uniformity in the administration of law and justice, the same political rights as the English, and English common law in the courts. Traditional instruments, such as the harp, are still widely played and since the Welsh Folk Song Society has preserved, collected, and published traditional songs. Wales has always had strong left wing and radical political parties and leaders.

Wales also secured parliamentary representation. Throughout Wales there was a serious effort in the second half of the twentieth century to maintain and promote the language.

Throughout Wales thereWales also secured parliamentary