To diagnose multiple pregnancy

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Also it is widely used to conduct radiation therapies for brain and other tissue level cancers. Depending on the part of the body that is being scanned, the patient is required to lie on the back, side or stomach.

Wish you all the best and keep up your good work Aliakbar Barodawala Mumbai. To diagnose major fetal abnormalities.

While using the contrast material you may feel some warmth sensation which is not a problem. Some patients who are allergic to these intravenous dyes may be required to take medication.

The quantity of x-rays that are required to scan the body part is measured by small detectors within the scanner. To diagnose early miscariage.

Ultrasound scanning can determine if both babies are developing normally and if the babies share the same placenta which can lead to problems in the pregnancy. Also it is commonly used to diagnose hearing related problems which happens due to the temporal bone diseases in skull. By placing the slices together, three-dimensional images of the organs are produced. But, whatever suggestions you are receiving, just think that you will be paying for these costlier diagnostic scans.

Recent days the usage of head scans are increased due to the stress related brain disorders and road accidents that causes skull fractures and brain damages. Cervical scan This is a transvaginal scan to measure the length of the cervix. Alternatively, the patient may be required to drink the contrast. This scan is useful for women who are experiencing pain or bleeding in the pregnancy and those who have had previous miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies. As you know, due to the increased patient population, waiting in the scan centres for reports is time sucking for everyone.

There might be some kind of itching sensation which is very rare and can be cured quickly through medication. Contrast examinations may require the test-taker to fast for a certain span of time before the scan.

Couples will receive full counselling asThe aims of this scan

But you should not feel any pain, if it pains, it means it is allergic to you. If you are doing the traditional scan booking, then you can view the scan machines only when you are lying on the scanner table during your appointment. We, at BookMyScans know how difficult it is for a common man to spend so much money to do these kind of high cost scans. If you take contrast material, then after the scan procedure, you have to take more fluids continuously to flush such contrast dye.

If the patient moves during the procedure, it may result in the images being blurred. Detectors and X-ray tubes rotate around the body when it is completely inside the scanner. After the scan, in order to flush out the contrast materials, you will be recommended to take plenty of fluids. Some major abnormalities may be visible at this gestation. Thank you all for taking care of all things.

Couples will receive full counselling as to the possible causes of this problem and the options for subsequent measures that may be necessary. The aims of this scan are to determine the number of embryos present and whether the pregnancy is progressing normally inside the uterus. Any decision on medical treatments, after-care or recovery should be done solely upon proper consultation and advice of a qualified physician.