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One evening McLeod wore it for drinks aboard another ship. Fourteen trawlers were lost in the Norwegian campaign, all falling victim to enemy planes. At Dover the old minesweeping drifter Nautilus received orders to make for Dunkirk with her sister ship, the drifter Comfort. Comfort was ordered to take her survivors back to Dover, but in a night of chaos she was doomed to be the victim of a terrible confusion. Even her saucy name was unreal.

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As she was sinking, another paddler from Dover, the Medway Queen, went alongside and took off survivors. Prior to that, we awoke this morning to heavy rains.

He was always in command of his ship and men and stood no nonsense. Eventually our three men, after shooting two of the attackers, jumped overboard. We discovered he hadn't done any proper radio. The majority of us found we were required for Fisher Boy.

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But I couldn't swim back to help him, it was impossible, with the ship already a blazing inferno. Spray fired a fierce burst at it, but by the time it was in sight of her it was also past her, as both ships lay within feet of the shore edge and were almost overhung by the sheer rock walls. We heard that things weren't going too well in France. Some sank under enemy bombs, the majority were torn apart by enemy mines.

Only in cases of emergency, such as enemy action or damage, is it attempted. The survivors, including her captain, were picked up by a French destroyer and several drifters. Towards the end the scramble of men and goods became chaotic. In everything you do, you battle against her relentless will to break you.

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That always makes me happy. She reached out to him with a piteous expression that combined pleading with abject despair. On this night, however, there were snags.

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All three Norwegians aboard the puffer were killed by the German's hail of fire, leaving the boat going round in circles. It is our good fortune that there was never any period of transitional ice. Every man wondered what story the captain told his wife.

Some sank under enemyThe survivors including herTowards the end the scrambleAll three Norwegians