Colours and odd lids add value

Crown mason jar dating

There is an indentation on the left hand side of the jar along the seem. Be careful though, as this hobby is addictive.

The rubber is still fairly flexible, with no obvious cracks. Bernardin stopped making the rings and snap lids for them for a spell, but they are back to making them again. Customize your save the date cards or magnets at Vistaprint. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Be careful thoughThere is an indentation

The difference being there is a Maple Leaf Lid. No metal bail is with any of them. They have sat in my basement cold cellar for the last few years, but I lugged them out today, while I was making jam. Ball Perfect Mason jars - summary, info antique glass canning fruit jars information history collecting study American artifacts industry, Ball Bros Company.

Speed dating moscow russia. Any info, prices, how to sell would be appreciated. Some people are interested in purchasing them. Part of the author's canning jar collection. It is an aqua coloured glass lid top for a Crown preserving jar.

Barclay at my local library. Not sure what they are worth. Ball mason jars make up a lot of the jars you see in the market. What you are looking for in a Crown jar if you want some value, are unique colours, such as olive green, amber, or amethyst.