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And even though dispensations could be granted to get around legal barriers, they became harder to get the closer the couple are related. Many people who grow up in the same area probably have this much connection with their spouses and do not even know it. Nonetheless, the practice soon fell out of fashion in the United States. This is not very likely to happen in modern societies that practice first-cousin marriage.

The Bible warns against near kin marrying but the definition of near kin seems to be much more narrow than third or fourth cousins. The parents of parallel cousins are also siblings but are of the same sex this chart may help explain.

But from what you tell me about this situation, it is far from the biblical warning. Now, there may be other reasons that this arrangement is bad. Be prepared for an ambiguous response If you are dating your cousin, it is better you prepare yourself for a certain ambiguity in response from friends and acquaintances. It is this fear for the health of future generations that lies at the heart of social disapproval for cousin marriages. If so, it is better you put an end to it.

The Bible warns against

On the other hand some states require genetic counseling before legal union can take place while a few require proof that at least one potential spouse is infertile. As with other kinds of relationships, let the love and honesty in your heart be the guiding factors when you are faced with the question of the future of your dating relationship.