Yes it was Labor Day weekend

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Thursday comes and there harassing my wife about moving. In particular, the activities department staff were stellar. The inability to level, especially at these prices, and the hassles of draining the water tanks are likely more trouble than they are worth.

We didn't have enough blocks with

Called and asked specifically if I went the week before I could stay in the same spot since it was a lot of work to set up. We were able to fit with our toad.

We didn't have enough blocks with us to compensate for the back to front slope. We stayed over Labor Day weekend.

We stayed over Labor

He tells me that if I am not moved by noon he will tow us. To us, the activities staff were the best part of this campground. Staff is nice but not overly friendly. These people are the worst.

The staff was always helpful. Friday comes and she says there still harassing her. Got there set up stayed for Christmas weekend then I had to return to work and left my wife and son. We saw staff patrolling around. After speaking to several people I get the manager.

The beach area on Back Bay was kept clean and is attractive. The sewer drains are about a foot off the ground so they don't gravity feed. Rented a spot for New Years weekend. This is a great spot if your wanting to explore Newport.

Only negative would be the utilities. The pool area and bathrooms were kept clean and were well maintained. Then decided to go for Christmas and leave our trailer there for the week. But they appeared to be reluctant to enforce rules.